Tricia is one of the many courteous and friendly bartenders at Legends Sports Pub and Grille, 1840 Town Park Bl, Green. From the moment we encountered her we felt as if she was giving us special attention. She was very friendly, and acted as if we were regulars. It just so happended that the night The Geezers decided to meet at Legends  on a Wednesday stop, there was a Lingerie Show. (Remember?) She was having a riot watching us try to remain in our seats. When approached with the idea of  being one of our Bartenders of The Month she was all for it. For herself and for the notoriety for the club. We set up a Photo Shoot for the following Wednesday and when we arrived that night she was very cooperative posing for shots as the crowd thinned out a little.  She also contributed a handwritten list of food and drink specials for us to present on the site which will follow. Good job Tricia. Like Arnold says: 'We'll be bach!' Maybe for the next Lingerie Show!
Tricia Says:
On Tuesday Nights  there is Karoake, and the First Wednesday of every month there is a Lingerie Show along with  it being Ladies Night with drink specials for the gals til 9:00 PM. Thursday nights starting at 9:00 PM is Country Night with Ken Steel from WQMX radio. Also on Thursday night from 4-7 they have 1/2 Appetizers.
For the Sports Fanatic Legends has Over 33 TVS with NFL Ticket, ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN U. Sunday, Monday, and Thursday there are drink and food special during football games.
There is a menu of sandwiches, appetizers, & salads anytime!
What doesn't this place have?  Sounds good to us, and then there's Tricia too!
It doesn't get much better than this!

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