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BARTENDERS AT LEGENDS IN GREEN AND CUYAHOGA FALLSBartender HEATHER (R) and server JILLIAN at the newly opened LEGENDS in the FALLS on 610 E. Cuyahoga Falls Ave.TRICIA - Former Geezers Bartender of The Month for December 2005. One of our First. Those are pitchers of Margaritas for the Cinco DeMayo party at Legends.   DANILLE - We first met her in January. Photo from that day follows.COURTNEY - We met Courtney in May at the Legends Cinco DeMayo party.Here is another shot of Danille from back in January of 2010 when we frist met her. She is holding one of our Geezers Nite Out business cards.Tricia again holding up a bottle of tequila named after me. Jose' Quervo. Here is TRICIA wearing the new black T-Shirts that all fo the bartenders, and waitresses are now wearing at Legends.
We will publish in the Photo Gallery below photos of some of the bartenders that we encounter during our weekly Wednesday meetings for the year 2010. Some of them you have seen before, some of them we met for the first time, and some we got to know quite well. Take a look below, and click on the pictures to Enlarge for Each Logo. Enjoy!
The Brick House is the newest reastaurant/bar in the area opeining in June of 2010. It features a unique atmosphere, menu, and severs &  bartenders dressed in Black Tops, and Short Jeans Cutoffs. The following photos are those of the bartenders, and servers who we have seen and met there.These are the lovely young ladies who greeted me when I entered the Brick House for the first time on the opening week. Here are Jenna and Jenna. No, that is not a misprint.These are two of the (Jennas) who we met on the opening week.From L-R are AMANDA, KIRSTEN, (?), AND CYNTHIA. Sorry "question mark". There were so many servers there that first weekthat  it was hard to even "write down" their names. These are a few of the servers passing by our seats at the bar who were delivering food to the customers out on the patio. This is EMILY. She is the resident Paris Hilton look-a-like. She sadi that she used to be a "blonde" too! This is Emily's "modelin' photo"!Here is one of the first Brick House girl who greeted me when I walked in for the first time, ABBEY. She is seen here with Spike (L), and "Crazy" Richie.  She was working the area with the lounging recliners, but kept checking on us at the bar.This photo was taken in July on our Second visit. From L-R are Emily. Cynthia, Kelly, and Kirstin. This is not a "special effects" photo. It was just my "dirty" lense. Sorry! From our August 25, 2010 visit here are AMANDA (L), and JENNA. Amanda was leaving for the day, and Jenna was one of the bartenders who we met on our first visit there. She had "pigtails" that day.This is Jenna's "modelin" photo. Here we have Jenna again with KATIE. Although her name is Katie, we think she looks like SANDRA BULLOCK.Pic of EMILY and AMANDA on the GEEZERS NITE OUT of 9/29/10.  Another lovey-dovey pic of Emily and Amanda on 9/29/10.This is EMILY posing with R. B. who iswearing the HOMER SIMPSON mask that I got him as  joke for HALLOWEEN. And here is AMANDA also posing with R. B. He was having a little trouble putting it on. The girls had to help him.COURTNEY (L) and EMILY again striking the pose. AMANDA and KATIE in their Modeln' pose! Here is TINA who we met for the first time on our DEC 29 visit. She had to leave however, because she was not feeling well.  But it wasn't because of us.Here we have AMBER who we also met for the first time on DEC 29. She was supposed to work with Tina that evening. And here is AMANDA, one of our fave bartenders at BRICK HOUSE. She usually works Wednesdays, but she was not there when we first arrived. She was called in to replace Tina.
JOHNNY MALLOY'S  is one of our fave Sports Bars during the colder months, however they do have a patio out in front of the place. It is also a great place to watch OHIO STATE, CLEVELAND BROWNS, INDIANS, and CAVS games. They have 12 or 13 100" Flat Screen TV's so that you don't miss a play.KATIE, DARLENE, and ANNA MARIE preparing to handle the bar at JOHNNY MALLOY'S on Wednesday when we were there. Here is DARLENE with JEN. Jen was not feeling well that evening, and we were concerned. But she is doing fine now, and she has fire engine RED hair now! Come in and say Hi.ERICKA, LISA, & CHRISTIIE reporting for duty!MEGHAN & CHRISTIE. Meghna was busy during the previous pic. And here is KATIE'S "modeln'" photo!Here we have (L-R) NIKKI and DANIELLE. BIG BOI (Dougie) thinks that Nikki is the resident SARAH JESSICA PARKER look-a-like! 
 From (L-R) in this photo are JEN, ERICKA, and BRANDI! I have known Jen for quite some time as she was working days whenever I would stop in from a strenuous shopping trip at Chapel Hill. From (L-R) are BRITTANY, and BRANDI. Brandi was working the day shift, and left for the day shortly after this photo was taken. Brittany, Jen, and Katie (Rookie) served us the rest of the evening.  (See next pic)Here are (L-R) KATIE , and JEN. Jen was training Katie, and we told Katie that part of her indoctrination was for her to pose for a picture for our website.
An aerial view of Dusty's Landing with Dusty's Yacht Club smack dab in the middle. And this is Karen one of our fave bartenders, and Geezers Bartender of The Month for March 2007. Karen again around Valentine's Day. Karen modeling a straw hat that she received as a gift from a customer. Karen is a "hat" person!Karen with Nicki (Nury). Nicki is a long time friend of the Geezers, and she has a heck of a voice when she sings Karoake.  She is also an accomplished hair dresser. One more shot of Karen that we took this year (2010). She keeps wondering why we always have to take a photo every time we go there. You can see why. We think that she is a Celebrity look-a-like for Farrah Fawcett.Picture atken by SPIKE of KAREN the bartender on the day of my surprise B-Day party and PPHANTOM BAND JAM. Look at that lil smirk on her face. A piv of KAREN, bartender at DUSTY'S during the GEEZERS NITE OUT October 20.  And here is KAREN again with "INSTANT" BIG DADDY. Big is wearing the HALLOWEEN costume that I bought him at Walgreens as a joke. He put it on, but I don't think Karen noticed.
THE GALAXY is one of our fave places especially during the summer when the Patio is Open. We have also been at their classy Sports Bar, but the Patio is the place to be. They have two bars, one of which is "huge", tables for dining, and a stage for "live" enterainment.  Here is a hot pic of SHAUNA for the GEEZERS NITE OUT on September 1, 2010. September 15 was going to be the last night for the Patio with music.SHAUNA in her modelin' pose!Here are some of "Galaxy's Angels" as we call them. From L-R are SHELLY, DARLA, and SHAUNA. They are very friendly and do a heck of a job out there when the place goes crazy.   Here we have MARIE with SHAUNA. Marie is the resident SANDRA BULLOCK look-a-like. There are a couple of them out there. Marie helps out on the Patio from time to time.Here is THERESA, SHAUNA, and DARLA (L-R). We go way back with all three. We originally met them at the Sports Bar inside a few years back.They are all very friendly and proficient at what they do. Another one! JESSE with DARLA. We first met Jessie out at the Patio bar.  And here we have MARIE (L), and THERESA again. This pic was taken earlier in the summer season on a night when it was raining out on the Patio.
JERZEE'S in one of the "hottest" new restaurant/bars in the area. Located in Green on Route 619, Jerzee's is in the bulding that formerly housed a Cleats. They have great food, and a fantastic Patio with Bar, and "hot" servers.   Here we have a "silly" photo of RENEE (L), and JAX. Some of the Geezers have been to Jerzee's before, but not as a group. They were a little surprised on the Geezers' first visit when we started taking pictures for our website. RENEE and JAX again a little more reserved. Of course, Jax has told me that she didn't like her picture. Sorry about that. It looks fine to me! This is RENEE again (R) with SHAWNA. Shawna was filling in for Renee behind the bar when she was busy. She served us drinks, and then we snapped her photo. The weather wasn't the best that night so we started off indise. Later on we moved to the Patio. Here is MARLENE with MR. WARMTH (Stan). She waited on us when we first moved until we were able to get seats at the bar.And when we did get seats at the bar BECCA was waiting for us. Well, not really but she had no choice. Becca was fun, and accomodating, and a breath of "fresh" air! Get it? We moved outside.  Here is RENNEE out at the Patio Bar on September 8 for the GEEZERS NITE OUT. We had been indoors for most of the evening but came out to the patio later one.
Here we have NATASHA (L), and MELISSA from ROOSTERS SPORTS BAR in No. Canton. They have the biggest baddest Wings in town!I met CALIN and CRYSTAL at Brubaker's Pub in the Valley at Liberty Commons. I was there to see DONNA MINER who was home visiting from Memphis, TN in July. The rest of The Geezers were at The Brick House where I later went.    Here is JENNA again (L) with another one of our fave bartenders from the Tap House, MISTI. We know Misti from our nights at Kevin O'Brien's on S. Main St in Akron. AMANDA (L) and JENNA are two of ur fave bartenders from one fo our fave places, the Tap House on Waterloo Rd. in South Akron. It was formerly a Scorchers.  Here we have KELLY looking very relaxed at the Harbor on Portage Lakes right next to Hook Line & Drinkers.  Actually this photo was staged as she was frantically working behind the bar moments before. This is LAUREN who we met at the main Patio Bar at Hook Line & Drinkers in April of 2010. She was a lot of fun, and took very good care of us.  Here are SWISH (L), and DOUGIE posing with some of the servers from THE TILTED KILT in Clearwater, Florida during our annual trip. Our waitress was the blonde standing next to Swish. The Tilted Kilt is a relatively new chain that is located mainly out West, and East portions fo our country.        We met JACKIE out at CLEATS in Norton. She was filling in for JEN, one of the bartenders who we know from the Cleats formerly in the TAP HOUSE location. Jackie was very friendly, and needed a band. We told her about the PHANTOM BAND but never pursued it. We made a trip downtown to Northside on Main St. next to  infamous Luigi's Pizza. Pictured here is LINDA ALLMEN on the right who along with her husband DON own the place. Next to her is our bartnder MEREDITH. Northside has been a popular place in Akron for quite sometime with excellent live music.
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JUST ONE MORE is familiar place with a NEW owner. The GEEZERS NITE OUT was held there on DEC 22 because the PHANTOM BAND was playing there for a Goodyear Christmas Party. The place is nowa little more user friendly. Also on Wednesdays they have $1 beer, and burgers.  Here we have the new Owner of JUST ONE MORE, JEN, second from left along with her bartenders, from L-R, RENEE, Jen, MARTY, and NAVEEN. The GEEZERS, and PHANTOM BAND had a great time. The Geezers will be back for a Nite Out on JAN 12. A pic of Jen and her bartenders in front of the Christmas tree without a flash. Maavelous!
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FOX And HOUND Iis a very different sports pub. It is located on 4834 Everhard Rd., NW., Canton, OH 44718. It is near BELDEN VILLAGE Mall. A stone's throw. They have Specials every day of the week. It is a unique franchise location. Go to the website  to find out more.Here we have two of the bartenders who served us on our Geezers Nite out on DEC 1.  On the Left is MARCI, and BRITTANY. In this picture we have BRITTANY on the Left, and MARCI on the Right. Regardless of where they were standing they took very good care of us that evening.   Another photo of MARCI who we voted Bartnender of Teh Night on DEC 1. And here we have a very rare photo of me (J.BO) that you won't see that often. However, I happen to be sitting with two lovely young ladies in ERIN (L), MARCI. Mr. Warmth grabbed my camera, and took this pic, but it will NEVER happen AGAIN!
The BASEMENT is a popular bar/restaurant in L. A. (Lower Akron) on 255 E. Waterloo Rd.  that not a lot of people know about, but who should. It is a comfortable, friendly sports pub with enough TV's to see the game of your choice, and some of the best food around. Stop in, and check out the menu.  This is one of the bartenders at the BASEMENT, HALEY. Haley also doubles as a server when the crowd demands. She is one of our faves. This is KENNY. He was helping out on this Wednesday, DEC 15. We know Kenny from the BASEMENT in Lower, lower Akron on 3420 Manchester Rd. It was a busy nite with the dart league there.And here we have KENNY with HALEY. Kenny is on the Left.Here is HALEY again with antoher bartender who works days, MARY. Mary was there when some of the Geezers first arrived.