Driving to and back from 
Cincinnati we passed Kings Island popular amusement 
park in the state of Ohio.It was raining when we arrived, but we finally made it
to the Horseshoe Casino in 
Cincinnati. Relaxing at the bar in the 
Horsehoe with the rest of
the Geezers who drove down
on Friday.From Drumstir's car heading
to the Hofbrauhaus across
the bridge in Kentucky. A shot from the back seat of
Drumstir's car thru the 
Moon Roof of the bridge.Another shot of the bridge
from a distance.Drumstir and Spike walking
in the rain from the parking
lot across the street from the
Hobrauhaus in Kentucky.Here IT is!The Hofbrauhaus even had
Live Entertainment. Sort of!What else would you get for
an appetizer at the Hofbrauhaus, but big soft 
pretzels? And of course you have to 
have a big mug of beer to
go with the pretzels.
They make their own beer.And here are most of the 
Geezers ready for more fun.
I, Joebo, took this picture.This is a picture of all of the
Geezers on the trip except
for Billy Bob who was visiting
with his son.
Our waitress took the picture.Next Stop, HOOTERS on the water.Another pic of Hooters with 
the bridge in the background.This was our waitress at 
Hooters. The next 13 pictures
are of the time we spent there
for Drumstir's B-Day!S. B. trying to read the menu.A pic of the Forester who was
sitting by the window overlooking the water, and the bridge to Cincy.We don't know who this guy was, but we just had to take
a picture since he showed
up at Hooters in a gorilla
suit! Here he is with two of the 
Hooters girls.We ordered 50 wings. There 
were 25 Hot and 25 Mild. 
Needless to say we didn't
eat them all. We took them
back to our room, and put them in the mini frige, and that's 
where they were on Sunday 
when we were driving to Columbus. S. B. breaking his diet!A little birdie told the Hooters
girls that it was Drumstir's
B-Day! They all came over 
and chanted Happy Birthday
 to him while clapping. He didn't want to, but they made Drumstir stand up.I, Joebo, bought him a Fireball
shot that he just had to drink!A pic of the Biggest Party Store in the world across from our room in Kentucky.A close up of the Party Store
that I went to as the others went out for more fun.As I was walking up to the store a black Limo pulled up to stock up for the ride wherever they were going.A sign I, Joebo, just had to take 
a picture of. The room that we had at Comfort Suites had two double beds, and a pull out mattress.
This, and the next 4 pics are what is referred to as The Blind Leading The Blind. 
Drumstir and S. B. attempting to make the pull out bed.Being the Manager that he is
R. B. was supervising the operation.Sunday morning we ate breakfast in the breakfast room. Very coincidental.
Here is a pic out the window from the breakfast room.Here we have Drumstir, Spike (Looking out that window), and the Forester after breakfast.Another pic of the bridge.Drumstir, S. B., and I went back to the Party Store on 
Sunday morning as soon as
it opened after 11:00 AM.
I took a pic of this sign out in
front fo the store.A pic of S. B., formerly known as The Dancing Bear standing in front of a statue of a bear advertising a wine called Toasted Head Chardonnay. We drove past the Shoe in Columbus on our way to Hollywood Casino. You can just see the corner of Ohio State's football stadium. 
We were going too fast!Drumstir and S. B. walking inside the casino once we arrived to meet the rest of the Geezers. We were at the casino to watch the Cleveland Browns
game with the lowly Jaguars
in the O H bar. 
They have a gigantic big screenin the center surrounded by other big screens.However, we left before the game was over to head back
to Akron because of the less
than stellar performance of the
Browns. They got beat up
pretty bad!Here is a distant photo of the
large Budweiser Plant heading out of Columbus back to Akron. We saw this bus on the road. 
What is unique about this is that Cleveland used to have
an NHL hockey team called
the Cleveland Barons.
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The weekend of October 17 - 19, The Geezers ventured down to Cincinnati, OH for a "Road Trip" to celebrate the 70TH B-Day of one of our Geezers, Drumstir (Denny Edwards).
Some of the Geezers arrived in Cincy on Friday, 10/17, for golf, and gambling at the Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati.
S. B., Drumstir, and I (Joebo) left Saturday morning, 10/18, and met the Friday guys in the afternoon at the casino.
Our main objective was the Cincy Horseshoe. We stayed overnight there Friday, and Saturday nites. Then on Sunday morning, after breakfast, we left for Columbus where we watched The Cleveland Browns get beat up by Jacksonville at the O U Bar. They have the largest BIG SCREEN that I have ever seen. They also have a lot of other side screens that are also impressive..
Below is Photo Gallery of the pictures that we took while there.