Our TWO Groupies from L-R Mardi, and Lucy. It is always good to see them. Our good friend from Goodyear, Linda Derhammer. Her and her husband, Jed, were there for the Christmas Party, and still came back for more!Two customers at the bar decked out in St. Patty's gear. It looked like they were having a great time.Here's Karen, head cook & bottle washer. Don't tell her that I said that. She's thinking: "who's gonna clean this mess up?"Another groupie? She's a friend of Dougie's from The Goodyear.And here is that "obnoxious" drummer "Big Daddy" Dan Minier. He's gettin' ready to bang on his drums all night! Drumstir, and Baldo at the bar. Guess which one is Baldo? Here's a clue. He's not wearing sunglasses! Is that Jack Niceklson?Here is Annie, Vicki's good freind. She came up during our first set and requested the band to play Mustang Sally. Little did she know that it was the fave song of our two groupies!Here are the rest of the Geezers "Group", R.B. (Garo), and Voigle, seated. R. B was standing! Here we have the bride Vicki with her friend Annie having a little fun! I guess that's what they're doing! Here is Vicki again with the groom David. It looks like he was ready to make a speech until the band started up again! Hold that thought!Our good friends who we go way back with, Dewster, and Gayle. They showed up with a "group" of friends to see the band.Here is that "Group" of friends with Dewster and Gayle.Another pic of ONE of our TWO groupies, Mardi. Where is her pal Lucy?Here we have a Pot O' Gold! Actually it's a Pot of Joy. Our friend Joy wins the prize!Another photo of the Phantom Band. With the way the light is shinning on Dougie it looks like he is being "Beamed-Up!"
Below are photos from the St. Patrick's Day party, Wednesday, March 17 at Dusty's Yacht Club on Portage Lakes. The Phantom band played oldies music. It was also an Anniversary Party for Vicki and David Rarrick who were married On St. Patty's Day in 2009. And it was also an Official Geezers Nite Out. Both Karen, Dusty's bartender, and Vicki made food for the occasion. Enjoy!
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