Here is another pic of the lovely waitresses at the Tilted Kilt posing with Swish, and Dougie taken on Super Bowl Sunday 2010. Our waitress, Meghan, is the blonde 2nd from the left. It is a great franchised Sports Bar. Look Online for locations.  This is a picture of the tube that the Tilted Kilt serves their 100 oz beers in.  Thirsty anyone?Here is, Leah, one of the bartenders that we met in Homosassa at the Saloon. Leah also sings Karaoke, and we will have a grainy video of her singing on the Media page soon.  Here are Swish (L), and Dougie with Nadine, another bartender we met at Mamma's, another Greek restaurant in Tarpon Springs. This was the deck bar where we met Michelle,  one of our former Bartenders of The Month for April 2007.Another bartender, Susan, who we encountered in Tarpon Springs at the Sawgrass Tiki Bar is seen here with the owner, Charlie. Sawgrass has the best Margaritas in Tarpon Springs.Here are two of the Famous Margaritas at Sawgrass in Tarpon Springs. If ya ever get down that way ya gotta try one...or two...or...This was our waitress at Shephard's in Clearwater Beach for the Super Bowl party. They have 3 bars at this hotel where we stayed for 4 nights. Julia was also our waitress out at the Tiki Bar on the deck. Because of the cool weather the party was held at the Wave Nightclub where we were.Kerri was our bartender at Frenchy's Rockaway Grill on Clearwater Beach. We walked IN THE RAIN from our hotel to one of our fave places. Kerri reluctantly let us a take a pic after we promised that we wouldn't put her head on a naked girl or a monkey.The next 3 photos were taken Thursday, Feb 4, at another fave spot, Bahama Breeze in Tampa the day that Dougie, R. B., and Joebo arrived.   BAHAMA BREEZE FEB 4BAHAMA BREEZE FEB 4Here are the Geezers at the Saloon in Homosassa with Leah, the Singing Bartender.And here is one of the regulars at The Saloon. Her name is Bebe! Hmmmmm.....don't we know someone by that name?
Bebe of course was being chaparoned by her owner. He goes there too.These margaritas are of the MEDIUM size at the Margaritagrille in Homosassa. Here is R. B. at the Margaritagrille using the unique "paper bag" menu as a hand puppet. He is feeling his Margarita. And here we have a Kenny Rogers lool-a-like, Dougie said....wait a minute.....that's ME!!! The next two pics were taken at Margaritagille during their remembrance for the 911 attack. Flags are passed around to everyone to wave, and a video presentation is broadcast on the TV's accompanied with "Proud to Be Ammerican" musical tribute.MARGARITAGRILLE TRIBUTEHere is a modern motorized replica of one of the old ships that used to sail up and down the Gulf.  You can "come aboard" if you like, and try it out....for a price! There was a reggae band playing out on the deck at the Tiki Bar at Shephard's where we were staying.Another shot at the Tiki Bar. It was a little cool but...NO SNOW!There were some Colts fans also at the Tiki Bar before the Big Game!The Super Bowl Party was held in the Wave Night Club due to the unusually cool weather. For $25 we got Chicken, Ribs, beans, potato salad, and a roll plus all the well drinks, beer, wine, and margaritas that we could drink.    Here is Fergie who came down to the Beach from Clearwater. He was seated at the same table. They had HD TV's, and a Big Screen hanging from the wall. We saw it all!Here is a shot out on the deck at Frenchy's Rockaway Grill on the Beach. This is one of our fave Florida stops.Another shot from the deck at Frenchy's.They had the cabanas out on the beautiful white beach just off of the deck.Just down at the other end of the parking lot was another restaurant/bar called the Palm Pavilion. You can tell by the guys' expressions that it was a little cool out there. It must not have been too cold out there for this trooper to fly the friendly skies of Clearwater Beach.   It's tough living on a fixed income in Florida. The next 3 shots were taken in our First Class room. This is the kitchen. We had a full size fridge, microwave, and a stove. We had two full size Queen beds and a sleeper sofa. Here is R.B.'s sleeping quarters. That's when he actually slept there. With Swish sharing the room for 2 days you were liable to find him anywhere. Right Dougie? Here's a unique picture I took from the balcony of our room. Get in line Shorty! Dougie picking out his lunch! I'll take this one!From L-R Dougie, Joebo, Swish, R. B., and Fergie seated at a table in Hella's Greek restaurant. They have the best Gyro's in Tarpon Springs.  The last pic was taken by our waiter at Hella's. There he is with the black slicked down hair to the left. Now we are getting into photos taken later on in the trip. Here is Dougie with.....PANTS ON THE GROUND!  That is NOT a mirror that he is looking into. It's a TV! If you look to the right on the bed you can see R. B.'s tennis shoes.Here is the rest of the previous pic of Dougie. Garo is on the bed after a couple of Double Seven-Sevens ( Is that 4?)  at Shepahrd's Tiki Bar. Here we have "Ninja" Dougie giving this turtle a Big Hug......I think......A beautiful sunset that I took a pic of from the balcony of our room. The day, and the trip was over.Well, here I am taking the last pic of the trip.
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