Pictured above are Geezer, Drumstir (Denny), and his wife Cindy at The Price Is Right stage show held at Bally's in Las Vegas. They actually never made it on stage, but they had their picture taken at The Wheel  for a souvenir. Maybe they did guess the wrong price after all. I would have had them put DRUMSTIR on my name tag if I was him.
The Price Is Right is a very popular game show, and in fact is the longest running game show on TV in history. Bally's Hotel & Casino created a stage show of the popular game. All of the games, and props are the same, but the prizes, and money are not as lavish. 
Drumstir says: "The Price Is Right was good. It's played different than TV so they get more people on the show."
As far as his luck at the casinos they did not win anything substantial, but he said that he put his Last $20 in a $1 slot machine, and after 3 or 4 pulls he hit $374. After that he said that he went back to the room.
If you are interested in attending the Price Is Right stage show at Bally's go to the Price Is Right website, and click on the BALLY'S sign in the bottom right hand corner of the site.

February 28, 2010
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