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This is Shephard's Beach
Resort in Clearwater
Beach, FL.
We spent 2 nites here in the hotel, but the Tiki Bar on the deck by the beach is where we spent a lot of time.
ENJOY!This is the beach just off of
the deck of the Tiki Bar at
Shephard's.First stop after leaving the 
airport wasThe Bahama Breeze just across the causeway.
This was the entertainment
by our table.Here is JIMBO, on the left, 
and S. B. smoking the cigars
that SPIKE (Swish) brought
to welcome us to 
Florida.  SPIKE enjoying one of his 
cigars. Here is FERGIE, and I (JOEBO)
toasting each other in 
anticipation of the trip ahead
of us in Florida.Here is R. B. on the left
sharing a laugh with JIMBO!We left Bahama Breeze and 
checked into our hotel for
the first two nights, The 
Magnason on Gulfview
Blvd. Then we went up the 
street to Shephard's. This is
a pic out on the Tiki Bar there.We would ordinarily call
S. B. the Dancing Bear, but 
he lost 70 pounds so I guess
we should call him Skinny Mini
or something like that!
But here he was, out there on
the dance floor by himselfee!Here is S. B. with our waitress for the evening at Shephard's.
The reason we took her pic is that she could pass for the twin sister of a friend of ours
from  the Phantom Band, MARDI! S. B. graduated from
high school with her, and she 
was also a groupee with her 
friend LUCY! L-R JIMBO FISH, SPIKE, and 
R. B. out on the balcony of
one of our rooms at the 
Magnason hotel. The next two pics are views from our rooms at the Magnason. View from room!Here we are entering one 
of our fave restuarants on 
Clearwater Beach called
Frenchy's. There are a few
of them. This one is the Rockaway Grille on the beach! It was crowded  that day
so we just HAD to wait at 
the bar for a table out on the beach. Spike left our name at
the door.A shot from the table we 
did get out on the beach!This is unusual, but no one
seemed to mind. Pidgeons 
crash the party on the deck
and try and bumb a few
scraps of food from the 
customers.A couple of Bloody Mary's
while we were looking over the menu. 
Grouper sandwiches and 
baskets were the popular
choice.Here is SPIKE enjoying his 
Speesty Spicy drink!And S. B. didn't want to be
left out! I think his was MILD!These Bloody Mary's really hit the spot! I guess you could probably tell by the last three pics.  A shot at the dining area out
on the deck on the beach
at Frenchy's!Another pic of the deck at  Frenchy's. The girl with the legs sort of got in the way!Here's another shot of the
beach from our table. I tried
to get most of the clear blue
sky in it. We had great weather this year. R. B. and JIMBO enjoying the 
warm Florida sun! Here is a guy who is Living
the Dream! Sitting on the 
beach in Clearwater playin'
his guitfiddle!Now this Mon....he be 
gettin' PAID!Just couldn't leave this 
gorgeous beach!Another pic from the balcony
at the Magnason!Here is another popular place on Clearwater Beach called
Crabby's. Some of the guys found it last year so we 
stopped by a couple of 
times this year. 
SPIKE (L) and S. B. in 
front of the place. We had two rooms at the Magnason. Here is S. B. 
yacking with JIMBO , and 
SPIKE over the partition
of the balcony next door! This is a picture taken from 
one of those balcony's on
a perfect clear sunny day 
in Florida in February.We walked down the beach aways to a Tiki Hut on the 
beach behind the Hilton Hotel.Here is one shot of the guys
at that Tiki Hut called 
TOMMY'S! Tommy Teeeee's!
I took this pic.Here is a giant chess board
out on the beach with huge
You really have to concentrate
out there on the beach to play this game!One of the bartenders at 
the Tiki Hut took this pic
of all of us. It was a 
beautiful day, and very 
crowded at the hut. But she 
went out of her way to 
take this pic which is now
on our FB page!
Pina Coladas were the drink of the day!Another shot from the 
Tiki Bar deck. You can see 
the new causeway bridge
in the background!A great view from the corner
of the deck!Here is SPIKE yacking with 
one of our bartenders on 
the deck, CORINNE!And here is SPIKE with the 
MARDI look-a-like, MELISSA.
It's uncanny how much she looks like her.Here is a pic of R. B., and Spike out on the deck of 
Shephard's Tiki Bar.
They were Photo Bombed by
The girl in the bikini!
Go figure!This is a band that was 
playing out on the deck at
I don't know what they were
called but for three guys they
were terrific. 
The guitar player played the
solos to songs "just like the
original!"  And here is Mr. Goodyear!
Where S. B. found this visor we'll never know. But 
chances are it was FREE!
Only thing is Goodyear sold
him to IBM! Some of the crowd out on
the deck dancing to the band.OK! Here is a pic of me I 
let them take of me with my
lamp-post head with the sun
in the background. 
The guys told me it looked like
a Halo! I doubt it! More dancers on the deck!Here are JIMBO (L) and
S. B. living it up under
the Florida sun on the
tiki Bar deck! Here is Melissa taking a 
break from serving us waiting 
for us to decide on what 
we wanted to drink. I had 
a feeling that Pina Coladas
were next.Here is JIMBO, with stogey, 
trying to take a picture of
something...I think!
Notice the "modern" flip
phone style!A touching scene as the 
National Anthem is played
at the beginning of the 
Super Bowl that we were set to watch out on the deck.
I saw some people crying to
the haunting lyrics!Here is Melissa serving Fergie 
a beer before the Superbowl.The rest  of the crowd also saluting America!Here was the scene from our
seats at the start of the game.
They had a garage door type
door painted white that they were using as a giant screen.This was a great screen for
the Bruno Mars halftime
show which was great1I said it WAS a great screen
until some people with ants in 
their pants, had to get up and 
dance in front of it casting
erie shadows. 
Yes, it looked cool but we
couldn't see the show.
Security tried to stop them, 
but they were just dancing 
"FOOLS"! Was I "really" surprised? YES!
The Super Bowl party out on
the Tiki bar deck was a 
"good deal"! 
For $30 you got a barbacue
chicken and rib dinner, and all
of the drinks you could handle.
They had "ONE" door prize and I won it. A Mini Fridge! This a Duo whoplayed after
the sun went down.
Hey, it was February! Yes, we visited Hooters in
Clearwater Beach but we happened to see this "woody
type" beach taxi parked as
we walked to breakfast!
YES! I had breakfast...ONCE!We posted pictures from the
balconies at our first hotel, The Magnason previously.
This is a pic from our room at
Shephard's where we stayed
two other nights.The Monday after! 
Yes, the Monday after the 
Super Bowl we were back
for more at Tommy's Tiki
Hut out on the beach behind
the Hilton!
Pictured are FERGIE, R.B., 
and S. B. (Back to Front)And here is one of my rare
Alfred Hitchcock moments
at the Tiki Hut!This pic was taken at 
Tommy's Tiki shed out on
the beach behind  the 
Sheraton. I made Dougie 
take a pic with our bartender.A shot down this beautiful
beach in Clearwater, FL!Back at Crabby's on Monday!
We ahd to come back because
The Magnason gave us Free
Drink coupons when we checked in.
There are signs all over not to feed the birds. This is what 
happens if you do. Look for 
the birds!The next two pics are those
of Fergie and I (Joebo) with
a lady called NiNi. It is a long story, but she thought we were a film crew for a 
Dolphins movie. I had on a 
SNL T-Shirt and JImbo Fish
had a FILMCO hat on. We had to tell her we were just Geezers.  Me (Joebo) with NiNi. The sun
was shining on this pic.Our last day at Shephard's
we were back out on the 
deck at the Tiki Bar. 
It was a little foggy, the that
great group was back at it! Speaking of the FOG.....I 
think S. B. (L) and R. B. were
IN IT!And as the sun sets we say
goodbye to Florida for 
another year.
It's OK, because this was one
of our best trips ever, and the
weather was great the whole