The Patio at Paninis around 12:30.The game didn't start until 3:05 PM.Nike Hegan, color commentator for Indians games on radio on the far right in the WTAM tent. Mike Trivisonno taking center stage in the WTAM tent.Bruce Drennan from All Bets Are Off preparing to interview Bob Dibiasio, VP of the Cleveland Inidans.Bruce interviewing Bob Dibiasio.Ashley Collins also from All Bets Are Off helping out in the plaza with interviews with the fans before the game.There was music by this country band set up next to the WTAM tent. They were very good.Naturally, Slider the Indians team mascot, was there at the plaza. He was rockin' out when the band was playing.  Check out a short video I took of the band, and Slider dancing by going to the MEDIA page.We have no idea what this Zebra was doing there.  They wanted us to take a picture with it, but we refused.  Cowa Bunga! Every year real Inidians protest the name, and Wahoo logo for the team. It's not going to help!  (l-r) From behind, Swish amd Mr. Lobber leading the way to the part of town that R. B. told us about.A unique piece of artwork in front of the "Q"! Are those supposed to be basketballs?  A sign in front of the "Harry Buffalo" in the area thst we were trying to find. That place was packed with fans just like all of the rest. Swish, a bowling aficianado, noticed a bowling alley near where we were going. He asked if we wanted to stop in for a game! Nope!The crowd outside of Flannery's where we were headed taking in the sunshine, and warm temp. Sign in front of Flannery's. You will see it look a little smaller in the next few pics. The Beauty & The Beast! From l-r are Joebo, and Tiffany. Guess who is who? Tiffany was hawking Bud Light on the patio.  Here is Tiffany alone. She looks "mavelous" in her unique jersey. She had a "10" on the back. We agreed!Here is Mr. Lobber preparing to put on one of the Heineken necklaces being passed out by two girls at the door of Flannery's. We have a photo of the two next.Here are (l-r) Tessa, and Chrstine. They were passing out the Heineken necklaces. We agreed that Tessa is a Celebrity Look-A-Like for Reese Witherspoon.   Later on the girls started passing out white Heneken hats, and Swish just had to have one. Of course we also bought some Heineken. What's fair is fair!And who would  have figured that a truck would drive by from the Rock 'N Roll Hall of fame? That's because 'Cleveland Rocks'!Another Celebrity Look a like who just happened to resemble Manny Acta,  Manager of the Cleveland Indians.  What you think?Do you recognize this lovely young lady? It's none other than the infamous "No. 10" dressed in street clothes.  Go back a  few pics.  And IT just HAD  to be there!This is the sign for a unique place just down the road from Flannery's, "Nicks"! We could see people jammed on the roof from Flannery's. We made it up to the roof. Check out the sign at Flannery's now. Not so big!You can see birds up here, and the "Q"!Unfortunately for us they were closing the roof bar after all of the fans left for The Game. There was a game? Since we were up there we took a pic of the two lovely bartenders who were working up there that day.   Here are two lovelies who were passing out flyers for Diamonds Men's Club in the Flats. They were (l-r) Cortney and Jess....I think! Diamonds had a free shuttle to and from events downtown! NO...we didn't go! Really!  Paninis was still crowded even as the game was still going on.Paninis had a TV in the window for all of those fans out on the patio. If you look closely you can see my reflection taking this pic. It wasn't me. It was my refelction!If you watched any of the game on TV you probably saw this pic of Cleveland Browns President, Mike Holmgren taking in the game. Or was he in Paninis? Sun was making it hard to see. Panini sign.Mr. Lobber with the crowd behind him. It was getting crowded there again at the end of the game. This girl was actually at the Clevelander next door where they had a DJ. There was a railing in between both places. She was talking to a friend at Paninis.A fan at the Clevelander taking a pic with her cell phone camera. How unprofessional!Here she is checking the result.I just took this picture to show you how warm it was up in Clevleland for the game. Evidently this girl didn't get the memo!Here is Kristy, who had the dubious distinction of providing carbs to the fans at one of the outside bars at Paninis.A shot inside Paninis at the kitchen where orders for the fantastic panini were placed. It was a mad house. The game was over. The plot was thickening! Er....a......the CROWD!Here's Swish in his White Heineken cap taking in the view! Lindsay and Samantha asked to share our stand-up bistro table to eat their pizza. Being the nice guys that we are.....We weren't the only Geezers there. We stopped these guys to thank them, and take a pic for the website. A shot of Progressive Field. The game ws over, and the fans were gone. But they didn't go home. They went back to the bars where it all began.
Geezers at Cleveland Indians 2010 Home Opener
Mr. Lobber (Dick), Swish, and I (Joebo) did go up to Cleveland for the Home Opener for the Cleveland Indians baseyball game. But we had no intention of actually going to the game. It was a sellout, and we didn't have any tickets. We have purchased tickets from Scalpers in the past, but it was a real rip off. So since it was a such a nice day we just decided to go up and enjoy all of the regalia that occurs before and after the game. We watched the game on TV's at various establishments. We left shortly after the game and headed back to Akron. Not to worry! I drove my SUV up there, but Mr. Lobber was our designated driver. He was drinking non-alcoholic beer the whole time. Below are some of the pictures that I took during the day.  Enjoy. You may see yourself. What were you up to?
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