(January 2010)
Stuff Goin' On!
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From the south side to Northside
In our never ending quest for a variety of entertainment the first Geezers Nite Out of the new year on Wednesday, January 6,  was was held at a new location for the group. We went to Northside Bare & Grille on 111 N. Main St. next to Luigi's.  Most of us have been to Northside at one time or another, but it is under new mnagement, and our Entertainment Director, Garo,  knows the owners who are Don and Linda VonAllmen. Garo's son played lacrosse at Green with their son.  small world.
Linda, on the right, is in the picture to the left with our bartender for the nite, Meredith.  She was a lifesaver. As we were leaving, scarping ice off of our cars, she ran out with the camera that I used to take this picture, which I had left on the floor in front of my seat. Thanks Meredith.
Northside has a great Happy Hour that lasts until 7:00.  A tall (Really tall) draft Coors Light was $4.00,a nd Bud Light $3.50. Most domestic bottles are $2.00. Dougie and I (Joebo) each had a Black & Tan (Pint of Bass with Guinness floated on top) for $3.50.  Dougie and Voigle cut out coupons from the newspaper for two-for-one appetizers. Dougie and I had hot wings, and Voigle and Bubba also had hot wings along with an added appetizer.
Those Geezers who took advantage of the happy hour, most already mentioned, were Bubba, Garo, Voigle Joebo, Dougie, and Crazy Richie. Yes, Crazy, one of the original Geezers, and photographer, decided to stop out and see everyone since Northside is one of his favorite spots. Good to see you Crazy.
We enjoyed or time down at Northside, and recommend anyone reading this to stop by for their Happy Hour, and look for coupons in the paper. They also have  first class entertainment later on in the evening. Check the Beacon Journal on Thursdays to see who will be appearing.
Next Wednesday, January 13, we will be at Cleats Club Seat Grille in Norton to see, Jenny,  one of our former Bartenders of The Month for February 2007. Check the SCHEDULE page for the address. Hope to see you there. You too Crazy.
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The second Geezers Nite Out of the New Year, Wednesday, January 13, was held at Cleats Club Seat Grille in Norton. Read the sign!  We had been there last year (2009) on November 5, but I (Joebo) was in Tucson, Arizona celebrating my sister's 70th B-Day. We had a split newsletter for that day from me about Tucson, and Dougie about Cleats. 
Those Geezers in attendance on 1/13 were Garo, Joebo, Dougie, Nicko, and Bubba.
Our bartender for the evening was Jackie, pictured to the left. She is also the GM at Cleats. No, not the car company! It just so happens that she is looking for a band. We told her about the Phantom (Geezers) Band, and she is going to check the videos on our website, and get back to us.
Garo had just come from a 1 - 1/2 hour dentist appointment. There was a lot of drilling, and fitting for a crown. Needless to say he couldn't eat anything and his beer tasted like toothpaste he said.
But the rest of us ordered from Cleats' excellent menu. Dougie had the Erie Island Burger. I had the Erie Island Rub wings. I highly recommend them. Cleats actually has 22 flavors of wings.  Nicko had the Erie Island wings also, but he said that he had a dream about onion rings. Huh?  Cleats has wings in orders of 6, 12, 18, 24 and so on.
However, one of the wing items on the menu is (8) wings, with Onion Rings. Nicko and Bubba shared that. Nicko also got the Erie Island Rub, and he was impressed with them, and he also recommends them.  I offered Garo some celery sticks and blue cheese, but he was unable to eat anything after the dentist appointment. Cleats also has Tall domestic drafts for $2.00 during Happy Hour from 11 AM to 7 PM.
It was Dougie's B-Day. Some of the guys got him cards with losing Instant Ohio lottery tickets. I say losing because he didn't win anything on the ones I got him. It was a $10 ticket. However, he won $50 on the tickets that Garo got him.  Some guys have all of the luck. Hey, it was his birthday.
We actually came to Cleats to see Jenny, our Bartender of The Month for February of 2007. Jenny was not there, but Jackie was very friendly and accommodating, and we had an enjoyable nite out.
Next Wednesday, January 20 we will be going to Dusty's Yacht Club on Portage Lakes.  Hope to see you all there.

There was a lot accomplished at the Geezers "Meeting" at Dusty's Yacht Club on Wednesday, January 20
We'll get back to that shortly, but the Geezers in attendance were Nicko, Drumstir, Joebo, Dougie, Candy Man, Baldo, and Rat Bastard. Who are Candy Man, Baldo, and Rat Bastard you say? That is one of the things accomplished on this Wednesday. For some ungodly reason we decided to change a few of our nicknames. I guess it all started when one of the customers recognized Voigle from his retail days when he and his wife Mary Ann owned a candy store known as Blossom Shop Candies. He had the habit of bringing along candy hearts and bells during the appropriate holidays for the bartenders. Debbie remembered him, and started calling him "Candy Man". Over and over and over again! So Bubba, and Garo picked up on it.
Tricia, the bartender at Legends in Green has referred to Bubba as "Baldo" in the past. And our little friend Rhoda, bartender at The Basement(s) calls Garo "Rat Bastard".  Rhoda is an animal lover and is not too happy with Garo's indifference to them. So remember the names because they will be referred to in the future by their new handles. However, we will refer to Rat Bastard as R. B.
When we first arrived at Dusty's, Karen, our bartender, said that "we need to have a meeting". Over and over and over again. What she was referring to was the plans that were casually mentioned the last time that were were there about the Phantom Band (Karen' Band) playing for Dianne's B-Day. It was agreed apon in that "meeting" that the band will play for Dianne's B-Day on Wednesday Feb 24. Her actual birth date is Feb 23. So spread the word, and get ready for another big blow out next month. Stay tuned to the website for additonal info.
Next Wednesday, January 27, we will be at Legends Sports Pub in Green to see another one of our fave bartenders, Tricia. Hope to see you there.    
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Was it just a coincidence that the Cavs won Wednesday nite, January 27, without Tricia being at Legends wearing her lucky jersey?  It's a long story, but the last two times Tricia (Bartender) did wear a Cavs jersey when the Geezers were there, and a game was on TV at Legends they lost. She wasn't there this Wednesday, and they won. Go figure!
But Danille was there, pictured to the left holding one of our business cards. Monkey business. Danille took care of us just fine. No, that is not a spelling error, her name is spelled D-A-N-I-L-L-E, and pronounced likeTenille. I know because I asked her at least 10 times. Danille was in training for a week, and this Wednesday was her THIRD day on the job. She looked, and acted like a pro behind the bar. 

Dougie got a little "dirty" with her though. He ordered a "Dirty Bombay Sapphire Martini", and Danille complied. We did have to remind her about the "olive" though. But in her defense, he "didn't ask for one!"
Yes, the Geezers did meet at Legends Sports Pub & Grille in Green on Wednesday. Those in attendance were Nicko, R. B., Candy Man, Baldo, Joebo, and Dougie.  Wednesday was also voting nite for the group. We were voting for the meeting places in February. One place was already set before the voting began.  The Phantom Band (Geezers Band) will be playing at Dusty's Yacht Club on Portage Lakes on February 24 for Dianne's birthday. She is a dusty's customer. However, we did have to re-vote because we had four ties. We just took the four ties, and voted for 3 of them. The votes have been tabulated by R. B. our Entertainment Director, and the results will be posted shortly on the SCHEDULE page.