The Geezers have been around long enough not to trust the weather in early April in NE Ohio. We used to go to Cleveland Indians Opening Day rain or shine every year when we were younger
After the years passed and experiencing inclement weather on many occasions we started going up to Cleveland without having tickets. If the weather was bearable we would buy tickets from scalpers, and go to the game. (They are called scalpers because they buy up blocks of tickets and sell them to fans for more than face value.)  If the weather was bad we would just go to a bar in Cleveland and watch the game there.

We quit going to the game or Cleveland at all when against our better judgement we bought tickets for a game, and we went up with a big group of Geezers and friends. That was the game that was SNOWED OUT.

Now we just stay in Akron and pick out a restaurant/bar to go to to watch the game. This year we went to a baseball theme sports bar in Barberton called The Green Diamond. In attendance were former sportswriter for the Cleveland Plain Dealer Russ Schneider, former Cleveland Indians catcher Hal Naragon, and former Indian in 1970 and one the youngest pitchers to win the Cy Young Award, Dean Chance.

And the move paid off again as the game was delayed for 2 hours because of rain! Below are pictures that we took on that day Friday, April 4, 2014. The Indians won 7-2 so they will be selling beer the rest of the year. 
(They didn't lose the Opener!)
This is AMANDA, one of the
bartenders at the Diamond.
The Geezers know her from 
behind the bar at The Tap House (Now The Grille)And here is a good friend of
The Geezers, DEWSTER 
(Duane). He and his wife 
are friends with DRUMSTIR,
and that is how we got to
know them. We were very fortunate to
pick this place to watch the opener, recommended by
DEWSTER. In attendance were
former sportswriter for the 
former Indians catcher HAL
NARAGON, and former Indians
pitcher and Cy Young Award 
winner, DEAN CHANCE!This is another Diamond 
bartender, JULIE. As you can
see she is dressed for the occasion. Check out the 
next picture to see more.
 Here we go! JULIE in Red slacks and shoes.
better half, GAYLE. He might
have a disagreement about
that but he is WRONG!Here we are at the bar!
Drumstir and I have our eyes
closed. Pic was taken by 
GAYLE! I'm just sayin'!And here is the lucky couple.
Dewster left before the game
started or right afterward, but
I had to babysit Gayle. She 
wasn't allowed to drink too
much becasue she had to
drive home. I think they picked
the wrong guy!(Standing) is the former catcher for the Cleveland Indians HAL NARAGON.
He played with the Tribe from 
1951, 1954-1959. Backup to JIM HEGAN. Played in the 1954 World Series. Garduated from Barberton HS. The Magics play their baseball games on Hal Naragon Field. He will turn 86 on October 1.Pic of JOEBO, and DRUMSTIR
(Not sitting next to each other)
taken by the GAYLESTER. 
She's learining.Another GAYLESTER creation
is a pic of SPIKE, R.B., and
S.B. You can see that S. B.
is ahving a great time with 
his iPhone!Maybe the Home Opener for
the Cleveland Indians was 
delayed for 2 hours, but the 
Diamond had it covered. 
these are the Push-Cart hot
dogs that the Diamond used
as Free Appetizers. They were yummy. to mu surprise here is another
Diamond bartender who used
to work at the Tap House. 
She is AMBER. this is a picture that we got
off of the TV of TRICIA, 
#1 Beacons Best bartender 
at Legends Sports Bar in Green with her husband and
friends. She's Everywhere!  We really don't know how
this picture montage got on
our Photo Gallery, but here 
her enterouge at the Clevelander
during the Tribe rain delay!A pic of the crowd in the
front bar of the Pub at the
Green Diamond for Opening
Day 2014.The remaining Geezers keep
their eye on the Keno board
at the Daimond. They all 
chipped in $5 for the
Ohio Lottery game, and just
missed winning $400 by One Digit. Go figure!Another reason not to go to
the game in Cleveland.  the Masked Man is one of the 
Minnesota Twins batters.
We made the right Call!
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