Jerry Eck of Jerry's Corner on the Geezers Nite Out website was planning a Birthday Party for his wife Sherry to be held at the Turner Club in Tallmadge, OH. It was a Big One! The Big 6-O!
Jerry rented a back room to the club, and he invited close to 100 people. There was plenty of good food that he made available to go around.
And on top of that he asked the Phantom Band/Goodyear Band to play for it. A lot of you know the current and former Goodyear employees who comprise the band. Everything was set to go, but a month or so before the date of the party, which was scheduled to happen October 5, the appearance of the band almost didn't happen.
The Phantom Band, with only two of the original members, no longer play on a regular basis.There are four musicians remaining in the band. Unfortunately two of the members were unable to play due to prior commitments. However, Dan Minier, and I (Joe Buz Cincurak) want to thank Jack Bishop, and Chuck Lyons for filling in to make the party a success. And we want to thank Jerry for sticking with us through the whole ordeal.

Above, "Big Daddy" Dan Minier is grilling Sherry with some multiple choice questions FROM the year she was born. She was awarded two instant lottery tickets for every right answer, but only one ticket for a correct answer with help from the audience. This went on after every break by the band and at the end of the evening.

Jerry thought that he had it all planned out. All of the preparations including the fact that there was an Ohio State game on TV against Northwestern at 8:00 PM that night. Jerry thought he had planned for everything by using the Big Screen TV to watch the game in the room while the party was going on. However, there was  a problem. It didn't work. However, after a short period of time with the help of his friends at the party, the night was saved, and the game was on.

At the end of the night everything worked out OK, and the invited guests enjoyed the evening, and they were glad that they came.

Below are some pics in a Photo Gallery that friends of the band took during that night. We hope that Jerry adds to this Gallery. (Hint Hint)
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Sherry under the gun by "Big Daddy" Dan Minier. Did she 
get the question right?The next two pictures were
taken during Sherry's intense
questioning.More questions.Here we have the pieced
togehter Phantom Band.
Seated in front is Big Daddy
Dan Miinier being vocal. 
Left to right behind him is 
Chuck Lyons on Keybaord
Bass, and Drums.
Next to him is Joe "Buzzy
Holly on guitar.
And then there is none other than Jack "Flash" Bishop on the lead guitar, and vocals Here are Chuck and Jack playing a couple of songs
as a duo at the end of the 
evening. they perform as a duo often at Portage Lakes
during the summer. 
Their 3-piece band with 
Cheryll Clatworthy is called
The Out of Sequence Band.  the next three photos are 
those of Sherry and Jerry
dancing to the music at the
end of the night!