JUST ONE MORE. Photos taken Wednesday evening FEBRUARY 23, 2011. BIG BOI, NAVEEN, CANDYMAN, and NICKO.J.BO, and the others, except the BIG BOI,  again!Full pic of JEN, and NAVEEN. Jen is the owner.Here is the DJ setting up for NAME THAT TUNE which is evidently played on Wednesday evenings.A picture taken in the Mens room. You got me on this one!!!
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LEGENDS SPORTS PUB in Green. Photos taken Wednesday evening MARCH 1, 2011.TRICIA delivering my Long Island Ice Tea. Here is the LEGENDS resident Uncle Fester look-a-like MONTY SHRINER. And here is the "Class Clown", R. B.,  being scolded by bartender/teacher TRICIA. He was a Bad Boy.Here is the BIG BOI'S bill with his consoling message to TRICIA written on the bottom in response to the message that R. B. wrote on his. I didn't take a pic of that one, but we couldn't have shown it anyway!A shot of the band (Thru the glass without a flash) playing in the party room  for the Green political party.
FAT TUESDAY AT LEGENDS SPORTS PUB & GRILLE - March 8, 2011Radio Staion Q92 Logo in front of their booth. Here is the message board lisitng all of the Specials for FAT TUESDAY at LEGENDS! Here is the silouhette of the lovely young lady at the Q92 desk, along with their photographer. Here is a shot of some of the crowd for FAT TUESDAY! BILLY BOB suggested I take a photo of the NOTRE DAME women's score against UCONN while they were ahead.  And here is the stunning press conference held by THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY turning coach JIM TRESSEL over to the wolves!This is a shot of the CLEVELAND CAVS game. As you can see by the score they were ahead, but it didn't last long. Anytime that they are playing on TV when TRICIA is working, they lose! Even last year!Here is R. B. with his sister, and her husband. He can't go into LEGENDS in Green without seeing someone he knows. See if you can find TRICIA lurking behind those bottles. This is HALEY getting some more Margaritas ready. She was too busy to look up at the camera. Or...maybe she didn't WANT to! TRISH with that "pouty" look as the BIG BOI said. This one picture says it all!Who is that Masked Woman? The "class clown" was at it again!  The BIG BOI left his signed bill out on the bar, and when R. B. slid down to take his seat he happned to write a little note to TRICIA on it, and he told her it was from the Big Boi! Ha ha!
ST. PATTY'S DAY AT RIPPER OWENS TAP HOUSE. MARCH 17, 2011. Even O'DOUL'S was getting in on the act on Thursday, March 17.!Here is TABITHA. She was a hired gun for ST. PATTY'S DAY.  (Drink gun) She used to work every Friday, but she only came back to help out RANDY on this busy day.  Tabitha again with the guy in the "little" Irish hat. I just had to have a pic of him with her.This "wild child" is AMANDA. She is one of two Amanda's who work at Tap House. Quite a "wild" outfit!Another pic of AMY who not only was nice enough to go out of her way to pose for me, but she greeted me with a big hug!   And...this is another AMY. There are two Amy's as you have probably guessed by now. Amy used to work with TRICIA at Legneds years ago.This is "The Boss", RANDY. He's throwing his hands up as to say: "Boy is this fun!"This is one of the Florida snowbirds of the group, SPIKE, who flew back home since it's Spring. Well, he actually drove. And he is with KRISKO wearing the Green wig that I bought at Target for $1. Not bad!This is the "infamous" GARO "Goup". Here we have R. B. (Garo) with two of his ex-softball buddies, and ROBO. R. B. was hanging with them rather than with the GEEZER "Group". Robo was going back and fourth as not to alienate anyone.   And here is "Laid Back" DOUGIE. A/K/A BIG BOI.  He was not bothered by too much that was going on for St. P-Day.But what does bother the BIG BOI is if you 'TALK" to him while he is eating. That is a No-No, and you are taking your life into your own hands if you utter one syllable! A picture of ME (J.Bo) with the Big Boi. An ALFRED HITCHCOCK moment! If you don't know who that was you are too young for this website!ROBO (Spike's son ROB) enjoying the moment with MR. LOBBER, the World's Tallest Leprochaun!Here is Robo with one of the party goers at the Tap House. She was carrying a Nija Turtle on her back. I overheard her say something like she has had that thing on her back since she was a little tyke!Here is one of the Garo "Group", BILLY BOB, engaged in a conversation with a lovely young lady who introduced herself to the guys. Robo again with an "official" St. Paddy's Day green drink. Not sure what it was. Grasshopper?Radio station 97.5 WONE made an appearance. They were raffling off T-Shirts, and some concert tickets. As you can see in the following pictures two of the Geezers "Group" won two of them.  I WON! I WON!To finish off the night the TRAVELING JOHNSONS made a live appearance. They played "soft" rock, but while we were there they did play one Irish song. You could just tell that these guys were seasoned pros!
MARCH 23, 2011 One of our bartenders, HALEY. Haley took good care of the GEEZERS the whole night. Here is HALEY again with DAN, the Manager.Here is KENNY, the other bartender for that evening. I heard of whistle while you work, but he was doin' a rap or somethin'!The next 8 pictures are those of the CLEVELAND CAVALIERS game Wednesday night against the NEW JERSEY NETS off of the TV. The guys told me to take this first picture while they were ahead, but that lasted quite some time. Check the score on each picture.OVERTIME!After all of that THIS is how it ended up!
THE BRICK HOUSE - MARCH 30, 2011The next three pics are of those of JEN, and TINA when I was trying to decide which pose to use. I was using a different setting, and I had to edit them afterward.    This is a picture of the CLEVELAND CAVS game on TV against CHARLOTTE. BIG BOI wanted me to take this picture while the Cavs were still ahead. Well, they weren't ahead for too long!This is the picture of JEN, and TINA that I decided to use on the Newsletter page for March 2011. What do you think?
DUSTY'S LANDING - PORTAGE LAKES - APRIL 6, 2011DRUMSTIR with the Gap in his teeth plugged.The CANDYMAN with his fave Bloody Mary Mix called ZING ZANG. Karen had it at the bar. And here is NIKI (Nury). The Venezuelan Singing Hairdresser. Here we have MR. WARMTH with NIKI. I don't know how this picture happened. This is my ALFRED HITCHCOCK moment with NIKI! And here is the BIG BOI "pretending" he just hooked the ring on the peg in ONE TRY!MR. LOBBER trying the ole ring on the peg trick!There is no way that MR. WARMTH really did this, right?R. C. making an appearance in his skiing gear for his night time walks around the Landing. Another picture of KAREN the resident FARRAH FAWCET look-a-like, However, she doesn't like to be called that for obvious reasons.Hmmmmmmmmm.....I wonder if they need a Band?
Dusty's Landing
THE BASEMENT - APRIL 13, 2011Here we have KENNY and HALEY clowning around behind the bar. Kenny is on the Left.We finally got a pic SHEALI. She is usually not around long when we get there.  The old switch the to go box trick that we pulled on the CANDYMAN. Which one is the real one?The guys always have me take a picture off of the TV whenever a Cleveland team is winning at anything. The Inidans were in California playing the Angles. The game went extra innings which the Angels ended up winning.
THE BRICK HOUSE - GEEZERS NITE OUT - WEDNESDAY APRIL 20, 2010And here HE is, "BIG AL" along with his wife JOANNE, and R. B. They all spend a few weeks every year in Hilton Head with a couple of other families.The Ex-"Goodeyar Group". From L-R are DIANNE, her husband DICK (Seated), the BIG BOI (Standing), and THE JERRY. All four used to work together at Goodyear at one time. Jerry will tell you that he retired from IBM. That JERRY gets around. Here he is with MR. WARMTH to his right, and MR. LOBBER. I thought there was soemthing wrong with my camera, but it was what is left of Jerry's tan from Florida. Was it the camera flash or Jerry's tan that blinded Mr. Lobber?  And here are the two lovely bartenders who took care of us on April 20. From L-R are JEN, and MADDIE. We met Jen the last time that we were there, but this is the first time that Maddie has worked on a Wednesday nite when we were there. Wonder if she'll be back on a Wednesday now? LOL!
GEEZRS NITE OUT - JERZEE'S  MAY 4, 2011 Here is the infamous CHICKEN DINNER! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!And not to be outdone here are my ERIE ISLAND RUB wings. Here is the beautful BLOODY MARY that RACHEL mde for the BIG BOI! And here is the Big Boi tasting the MASTERPIECE!It looked so good even te CANDYMAN had to try one!Here is KENNY J receiving the keys for the Cessna airplane that he purchased recently. That is not a UFO on the seller's pant leg. Flash from the camera. The original was taken with a cell phone camera
GEEZERS NITE OUT - DUSTY'S LANDING - 05/11/2011Here is WARREN FERRELL (The Gamblin' Man) visiting us from Tucson, Arizona. He is an avid Geezersnite Out website reader, and he wanted to meet KAREN, the bartender.WARREN  again at Dusty's bar with FERGIE (Sitting), and R. B.The Geezers were sitting on two different ends of the bar until more seats opened up. Here is WARREN with the rest fo the Geezers  BILLY BOB (Standing), DRUMSTIR, BIG BOI, and SPIKE (Seated).Here is actually the same picture as the last one except with me (J.BO) in it. (Black shirt). One of the young ladies at the bar was nice enough to take a picture with all of us in it. Here is WARREN again. He was getting around. He was trying his luck at the carnival-type game at Dusty's similar to ring toss.    WARREN pointing to the hook with a ring on it. Did he actually do that? Whatever happens at Dusty's stays at Dusty's.KAREN (The champ) also trying her luck.Here she is bragging about the fact that she hung the ring on the hook in ONE TRY. She also did it mor blatantly, with some coaching, on the NEWSLETTER page. Here is SPIKE'S new fave sipping drink. It's a fairly new   coffee flavored vodka called Vincent Van Gogh. Coincidently I was introduced to this for the first time when I was in Tucson, Arizona visiting WARREN, my bro-in-law!This is BARB. We met her at the bar later on in the evening. I think that she got a big kick out of us. We told her about the our website, and we took a pic. We don't think she believes that we have a website or that we would put her picture on it. Hello Barb! Here is KAREN again having a good old time. I was trying to get a picture of her holding up one finger. I know the one that she really wanted to use!
THE GALAXY - GEEZERS NITE OUT - MAY 25, 2011Here we have our bartenders for the evening. From L-R are SHAUNA, THERESA, and LESLIE. Leslie is in training.Another pic of SHAUNA and LESLIE. Here is SHAUNA again! She didn't even want her picture taken!This picture was taken as all heck was breaking lose. If you look to the right you can see SHAUNA running inside to the Sports Bar.  And yes, there is LESLIE scurrying to shut down the Patio Bar. THERESA is battening down the hatches. And look, there is LESLIE Again! This is a picture out on the Patio Bar of the sky at 7:48 PM. It looks like midnight. Those aren't stars. They are raindrops!Another pic outside at 7:48 a few seconds after the previous one.And this is what is on the TV screen when you have Direct TV during a rain storm. The remaining GEEZERS who were forced to sit at the Sports Bar inside. The torrential downpour kept them from leaving. What a Bummer!
GEEZERS NITE OUT - THE BASEMENT - JUNE 1, 2011This is the BIG BOI's Bombay Sapphire Martini that he splurged on because of his $25 gift certificate from The Basement that he won on May 27. And here is the BIG BOI drinking the Martini.This is MARY the day bartender. She left once, and came back just in time for us to take a pic. This is the front of the Basement T-shirt that the BIG BOI also won on May 27th.This is the back of the Basement T-Shirt.Not to be outdone here is the front of  SWIFFY's T-shirt from the Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame. And here is the back of the T-Shirt.Here we have HALEY modeling her Basment T-Shirt. You can get the idea of what it says. And here is the back of  HALEY'S Basement T-Shirt with her NAME on it.  I guess KENNY can't borrow that one!This is SWIFFY'S new Combo drink. You'll have to ask him what was in it!And here is HAYLEY again as we were leaving. She doesn't have to look that happy! (Kidding)
GEEZERS NITE OUT - JERZEE'S SPORTS GRILLE -JUNE 8, 2011Here is FERGIE, the Birthday Boy! Here is MR WARMTH, after a few insults such as how old he looks, wishing FERGIE a Happy Birthday!DRUMSTIR in the foreground with BILLY BOB and his son at the inside bar at Jerzee's.NURY (Niki) the Venezuelan Singing Hairdresser doing her thing!.SPIKE (Swish) sitting back enjoying his cigar out on the Patio.Here is the Birthday Boy, FERGIE, surrounded by MR. LOBBER (Left), and MR. WARMTH.  This is VICKY who along with her husband CORDI, run D. C. SIGHT & SOUND Karaoke & D.J. Services. They are both accomplished singers.I don't know how he does it, but here is MR. WARMTH sitting beside one of the lovely waitresses out on the Patio, KRISTIN. And here is Traitor BILLY BOB showing off his New York Yankees pilsner glass. The white bag in the background fortunately doesn't give you a good look at the logo on it. However, Billy Bob used to live in Connecticut so we will give him a pass "this time"! A close up of the glass which will give you an idea of what it looks like. This is the business card of D. C. Sight & Sound. They do a good job.
GEEZERS NITE OUT - DECK PARTY - JOHNNY MALLOY'S - JUNE 15, 2011Here we have CHELSEA one of the bartenders at Johnny Malloy's. Chelsea was working at the bar inside on the night of the Deck Party. These are the first photos that we have ever been able to take of her for the website. Here are (L-R)  SPIKE, FERGIE, CRAZY, and the BIG BOI out on the deck awaiting the start of the party. And here is The JERRY explaining to the BIG BOI how big the fish was that got away!  Some of the other people out on the deck at the beginning of the event. The guy in the green shirt is TOM our bartender out at the deck bar. Sorry about the pic guy!Malloy's owner, STEVE, passing out the samples of the different brews to taste.And here is Steve's wife PAT doing the same thing. This is the Anheuser Busch representative who gave us some history fo the beers that we were going to sample. He did a good job. However, we were sort of hoping for the BUD LIGHT GIRLS!After the first round was passed out to us we made a toast to the great evening that we were having out on Malloy's deck.Here are the BIG BOI and THE JERRY also toasting the others. Here is my plate. I couldn't resist sampling some of the terrific food before I took this picture. Here we have the rest of the group chowing down on the meal.Check out R. B.'s plate to get another idea of what our meal consisted of. And here is STEVE conducting the raffle for Cleveland Inidans game tickets in the Diamond Section at Progressive Field. None of the Geezers won, but the way the Inidians have been playing lately we really weren't upset about it!
GEEZERS NITE OUT - LEGENDS SPORTS PUB - JUNE 22, 2011Here is CHRISSY, the Manager of Legends. She fills in when TRICIA takes a break. So...we had to take a pic! Part of her job!And this is another pic of TRICIA. We always take a couple, JUSTIN CASE. Here's FERGIE. I just don't know how he is going to eat all of that!Here is a close up of his plate. There is one thing you can say about LEGENDS, they always give you plenty to eat!This is a real surrpise. NICKO, and his wife RO just happened to stop in. They live nearby.  Here we have GARO'S GYRO, however you want to pronounce it. He ate it all!This is a poster on Legend's front door. I took a pic of this for the Ladies who may view this site, and also for the BIG BOI. No comment!  BIKE NITE during the summer is every Tuesday. Read the poster to see what goes on that night. And here is the actual  HARLEY DAVIDSON that you can WIN! (WINNING!)
GEEZERS NITE OUT - WEDNESDAY - JUNE 29, 2011Here we have bartenders SHAUNA, and  MIKE. And here we have none other than bartender THERESA who we have known for quite some time at The Galaxy inside, and out!SHAUNA delivering my drink in her dramatic style. She is a very accomplished artist!Ah, the incomprable DARLA. Ain't she a doll? Welcome Back!PETE WEBER Celebrity look-a-like. Pete Weber is a Pro Bowler on the PBA tour. This just happens to be SPIKE (Swish). And it so happens that Spike is also a very good bowler. If you order the right thing out on the Patio the Head (Bandana) Chef will bring it out to you.And here HE is delivering the meal to these two  lovely young ladies. Check out the waterfall in the background!TURNED UP gettin' Down!Another pic of THE BAND turned up at The GALAXY. They were Da Bomb!
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