(July thru December)
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GEEZERS NITE OUT - THE GALAXY PATIO - WEDNESDAY JULY 20, 2011And here is that sweaty bunch JESSE, SHAUNA, and MIKE. However, Mike was playing Manager this night inside the Sport Bar in the Air conditioning. Very convenient!SHAUNA looks very cool and collected here, but she was sweating like she had just run in a marathon.    This is the BOMBAY SAPPHIRE & tonic drink that FERGIE was enjoying. In all that heat it looked very inviting! This is a candid shot I took of JESSE, and SHAUNA before they agreed to pose for pics. I think they were just toying with me. Look at that smirk on Jesse's face! However, we don't take pics of anyone if they really don't want us to.    And last but not least here is the BIG BOI'S  Bombay Sapphire martooni.  He rates 3 olives because he was on the IR. (Injured Reserve)
GEEZERS NITE OUT  - THE GALAXY PATIO - WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 3, 2011Here is SHAUNA wearing her  cougar  top! She told us not top worry because she was wearing deoderant that night. The full pic of DARLA from which the thumbnail of which was used on the HOME page. This is the tasty Caesar Chicken Wrap that DRUMSTIR tried because it is the BIG BOI's fave.The BIG BOI told me to take a pic of his Bloody Mary that the  girls behind the bar made for him. It looked "Mavelous"! 
Oh yeah, the cigar was made elsewhere!A candid photo of MICHELLE who used to work the Patio bar. She was off that day.The next three pics are of the ZZ Top tribute band called LaGrange. They did a good job on their covers. See and hear a short video of them on the MEDIA page.Here is another pic of DARLA that I took later on in the evening.
GEEZERS NITE OUT - THE BRICKHOUSE - AUGUST 10, 2011another photo of ASHLLEY (L) and ALAYNA . I MADE them take two.Here is the incomprable BEEFED UP STEAK SALAD. This is the best salad that I have ever had. Greens & things, and broiled steak. Yum!Here is R. B.'s Sloppy Joe. First of all I (J.Bo) didn't like the name of the sandwich, and secondly R. B. didn't like the fact that he had to make his own.Here is R. B. contemplating the task at hand.The BIG BOI had soem pull at the Brickhouse. His Bombay Sapphire Martooni had THREE olives. And lastly my Jack on The Rocks. I asked for a lemon wedge, and boy I got one. It is trying to escape the glass.
GEEZERS NITE OUT - HOOK LINE & DRINKERS -  AUGUST 31, 2011Our bartender, JILL,  at the bar on the  patio.The next four pictures are that of the Geezers and the patio bar showing the improvements that have been made. It is a very scenic view down there. And last but not least is that nasty ominous shark guarding the patio.
GEEZERS NITE OUT - THE GALAXY - SEP 14, 2011This may look like an ALIEN, but it is a "patio heater"! The Geezers saw a lot of these in the past when we were down in Clearwater Florida in February to watch the Super Bowl. It was THAT cold!A couple more of those "Aliens' warming up a patron. As was the case when we were in Florida our heater didn't work.. Here are (L-R) KRISKO and BETTY. We were celebrating a few B-Days, and Kris' was on Tuesday, September 13. Betty's B-Day is on May 8. Check out the B-DAYS tab on the HOME page for more.  Here we are at our usual seat at the Patio Bar. SPIKE (L) is posing for the camera, and the BIG BOI is sitting next to KRISKO.  Here was have the DRUMSTIR, and BILLY BOB trying to get someone's attention. The BIG BOI, and SWISH are cracking-up about something. When I took the pic it was a big issue.And the band played on! Despite the cold temps the JOE MOOREHEAD BAND perfomred out on the Patio as planned. They had a good sound. Give them and ATTA-BOY!
GEEZERS NITE OUT - JUST ONE MORE BAR & GRILL - SEPTEMBER 28, 2011Here is NAVEEN after I talked her into taking a picture. Her hair looks fine to me. What do you think?Another picture of MICHELLE the day bartender. She was in a hurry to leave after her shift ended, but she was more than willing to pose for pictures. THE END!
The End
GEEZERS NITE OUT - JOHNNY MALLOY'S - OCTOBER 19, 2011Here is a picture of CHELSEA by herself. She was really busy at the time this pic was taken, but she made time for us anyway.This is a pic of the BIG BOI's "dirty martini". Very fitting! The BIG BOI drinking his martini down and "dirty"!A file photo of our other bartender TOM with none other than CHELSEA! It was impossible to ge them to pose together on this particular busy evening.
GEEZERS NITE OUT - JERZEE'S SPORTS BAR - NOVEMBER 2, 2011(L-R) MARISSA with RACHEL on one of Marissa's trips from the Patio Bar.This is a Bloody Mary that RACHEL made for the BIG BOI. It was a thing of beauty. A picture of RACHEL. our bartender for the evening at Jerzee's.
GEEZERS NITE OUT - GRAND OPENING OF THE TILTED KILT SPORTS PUB - NOV 9, 2011Behind the huge bar we found (l-r) JEANETTE, and MARCY. We know Marcy from when she was at FOX and HOUND which is not too far from where the Kilt is located.  ALOHA  AMANDA (She's from Hawaii) brought the CANDYMAN to the bar after he told her that he was looking for some GEEZERS. Coincidently we also found a bartender that we met previously at another one of our meeting places. ALAYNA also worked at The Brickhouse in Cuyahoga Falls.  Tilted Kilt waitresses getting their drink orders from AMELIA at the bar. Here is another one of my ALFRED HITCHCOCK moments. I am with two of the expert trainers that the Tilted Kilt brought in for the Grand Opening. To my left is CAITLIN from Califronia. And to my right is the "infamous" AMANDA FOX from Phoenix, Arizona. She goes by the handle A. FOX.   Here are CAITLIN and A. FOX again. Caitlin is heading back to Cali after the Kilt gets on their own feet. I talked with AMANDA when I called on Monday Nov 7 to find out if they were open. She will be heading to PA when she is done in Canton. Too bad!   AMELIA was ncie enough to come out from behind the bar to take a picture with DRUMSTIR. She was also working the bar at the end we were sitting at. It is a huge bar. Here we have some of the Geezers at the bar starting with SPIKE, CANDYMAN, R. B., and BILLY BOB.   
And they even had a band for the Grand Opening. Not the kind of band that you are used to. The main instruments were bagpipes. Another picture of the Scottish bagpipers. Yes, yet another Tilted Kilt girl behind the bar. This is DAYNA. One unique thing that the bartedners and waitresse do is write their names on the drink coaster they put in front of you. That way you can't forget. But I did....for a second.THE BIG BOI, brought his brother DAVE, and a business associate, RON, in to the Kilt. Dave and Ron are on a business trip, and passing through Ohio. By the way their waitress is PAIGE.Here are a couple of waitresses delivering the meals for the BEDNER group. We couldn't let them get away without taking a pic. And here is a picture of the  notorious FAT BASTARD from the Austin Powers (Mike Myers) movies. The Tilted Kilt actually has an item on their menu called Fat Bastard's Meatloaf Sandwich. I took a couple of pics as I was leaving the Tilted Kilt on Wednesday, Nov 9. Here is the front door of the building.Another view of the front of the building.
GEEZEERS NITE OUT - JUST ONE MORE BAR & GRILL - NOVEMBER 16, 2011This is MICHELLE, the day bartender. She was on her way out when we arrived, but stayed long enough for a picture. This is a pic of the owner of JUST ONE MORE, JENNIFER, on the right, and her nite bartender, NAVEEN.  Here's JEN (R), and NAVEEN  again. Jen is showing her appreciation for Naveen coming back to work for her after they were shut down for a few months. Yes, JEN actually does work at Just One More.  She's a hands-on-owner.Speaking of hands on, here is JEN back in the kitchen helping out the chef. (Sorry, we didn't get his name. No food for us!)And, although JEN is hands-on, sometimes she just isn't tall enough. I think that she was on her tippy-toes. And here is NAVEEN's  Glamour shot.  She is striking the pose!SPIKE seemed to think that NAVEEN resembles popular singer LEONA LEWIS. Natrually Naveen sluffed it off. What do you think?Here we have the BIG BOI  with JEN in an "indoor party" setting on the digital camera.This is the World's Tallest Leprachaun (Mr. Lobber) with the Shorterst Bar Owner (Jen).Here are THE GEEZERS, JEN and NAVEEN, and one guy who we didn't know!
GEEZERS NITE OUT - THE BASEMENT BAR & GRILL - NOVEMBER 24, 2011Here are two of our bartenders for the evening. On the left is BRITTANY, and MARY, the day bartender, on the right.  Brittany said that she has been at The Basement for only a couple of months. Here is MARY again. She wrorked all day and she was tryign to goet out fo there. On the night before THANKSGIVING that was hard to do. BRITTANY is posing with MIKE. He was helping out behind the bar, and was taking food orders, and serving drinks. Mike is on the left! A shot from one of the many TV's stratgegiaclly situated around THE BASEMENT is from a segment of the ESPN show called Pardon the Interuption with TONY KORNHEISER, and MICHAEL WILBON. What a Thanksgiving Feast.    Here is TONY KORNHEISER acting KORNY for the THANKSGIVING EVE SHOW. We finally got a pic of NICK with BRITTANY. I believe he is one of the owners. But when THE GEEZERS normally meet at THE BASEMENT Nick isn't there. Around CHSRISTMAS time I always kid him about the scene in IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE at NICK'S PLACE! And last but not least here is SPIKE having a break from his T-Juice and beer with a holiday drink. I don't know what's in it, and I don't want to know!
GEEZERS NITE OUT - LEGENDS SPORTS PUB - NOVEMBER 30, 2011.One of our fave bartenders TRICIA. Having her picture taken for the website is her fave thing of the nite.The BIG BOI checking out some of his Springfield High School classmates who were at LEGENDS for a get-together.The BIG BOI just realized that I was taking pictures.More action from the Springfield High School Alumni "Group".Here are two of the Springfield "group" who graduated with the BIG BOI. They are MANDY, and THERESA. I was not sure who was who, but the BIG BOI said that one of them was nicknamed "MICKEY" so I would assume that Theresa is on the right!The CANDYMAN is quite the artist. He has a habit of doodling on his bar napkin. NOT DROOLING!A close-up of the CANDYMAN's design.
GEEZERS NITE OUT - THE GALAXY - DECEMBER 7, 2011Here is one of our fave bartenders at The Galaxy, DARLA. She was not working the Sports Bar that evening. She was working the banquet room for a BURGER KING party. She stopped by to say Hi to the Geezers. This is THERESA, who we know from a few years ago when The GEEZERS first started meeting at The Galaxy. She also works the Patio Bar during the summer. We were there on a Wednesday night as usual. It is now Ladies Night at The Galaxy during the winter months. WONE is there along with DJ TK O'GRADY, pictured on the mic above.Here is DARLA again on a break from the Burger King party with the Birthday Boy, ROB SWISHER, son of SPIKE (Swish).  The main bartender for the evening was JENNY. The reason that we don't have any pictures of her is that she "doesn't do" pictures albeit she was very friendly and accomodating. R. B. was at it AGAIN! JENNY woudln't let us take any pics, but she was very friendly, and attentive to our needs. She was wearing a flower in her hair that was very attractive. The BIG BOI was teasing that it was a mistletoe. R. B. made notations on Big Boi's bill as a joke.