(February 2013)
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There might have been a scheduled Geezers Nite Out Wednesday, Feb 6, but I doubt if there were any of the Geezers there. Some of us were flying back from Florida that evening, one of us stayed there for a few more days to arrive back in Akron after the weekend, and some are still Snowbirds down there until spring is in the air. However, if anyone did stop in to The Firehouse on Tallmadge Circle, we apologize for our absence, and we trust that you enjoyed your visit.

If you are not already aware the Geezers were on their Annual Florida Trip during the Super Bowl weekend. However, we took off for a couple of years so this was the first time that we had been back down there since February of 2010. However, Spike, and Fergie were still spending their winters there during our hiatus.

While we were in Florida, the weather was on the cool side, however, we heard that from Feb 1 thru Feb 5 it was a bit cooler up north. It was sunny everyday, and dry for us. It got cool in the evenings, but we were dressed for it. Well, let's just say, most of us were dressed for it.

We watched the Super Bowl outside on the deck of a Tiki Bar at our hotel, Shephard's Beach Resort, but we found a spot next to some working patio heaters. Other than New Orleans, where the game was actually played or possibly California, I don't believe there were too many other places in the country where it would have been possible to watch the game outdoors.

Spike, Fergie, and Jimbo Fish were already in Florida. The Fishman is now a full fledged Floridian. Spike and Fergie are the snowbirds. R. B., S. B., and I (Joebo) flew down on Friday, Feb 1. Drumstir, and Billy Bob came down the following Saturday, 2/2. We all (8 Of Us) watched the game together. On Monday, 2/4, Drumstir, and Billy Bob left for Akron. R. B., S. B., and I left for Homosassa with Jimbo, and Spike. Fergie stayed in Clearwater until Wednesday, Feb 6, when he met us at the Hooters in Port Richey to take R. B., S. B., and I to the airport. R. B. met his wife, Brenda, at the airport, and they were going to spend the rest of the week in Ft. Myers. S.B. and I flew back to Akron/Canto.

You can probably imagine that I took a bunch of photos while there. If you can't, I did! We already have some pics from our two Hooters visits on JERRY'S CORNER HOOTERS GIRLS HOME PAGE, and we will be posting the rest on our MEDIA page for 2013 shortly. (You can also see the Hooters pictures by clicking on the photo of the Hooters Girls on the HOME page.)
Please check back if the photos are not posted on the MEDIA page for 2013 when you look for them. We will have two separate postings. A Photo Gallery from Clearwater Beach, and a Photo Gallery from Homosassa.

We will also have some interesting Videos for you to view eventually on the MEDIA page for 2013.

Our next meeting will be on a Tuesday this time. Fat Tuesday! We will be celebrate Mardis Gras at Legends Sports Pub & Grille in Green on February 12. Bring your beads and join us!
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LEGENDS SPORTS PUB & GRILLE - FAT TUESDAY Februrary 12, 2013 - Green
It was another Fat Tuesday at Legends Sports Pub in Green, and another religious period of Lent coming up until we celebrate  Easter Sunday.

This is the time of year when some of our fellow Geezers are snowbirds down in Florida. Spike and Fergie are still down there. Most of us visited them last week. You can see the pictures from that on our MEDIA page of the website. Spike will be back in Akron in time to celebrate St. Patty's Day, and Fergie and his wife Brenda will be back sometime in April.

Our Fat Tuesday celebration wasn't as well  attended as it was last year, first because of the Snowbirds being gone, and then the Candyman and Drumstir not showing up. Both are usually gone from Akron during different times during the year, but as far as we knew they were both back in town on Tuesday.

They may have forgot about our Fat Tuesday celebration on a Tuesday! 

We were not able to sit at our normal spot at the bar. It was full early in the evening. Or when I got there a little after 5:00 PM. We missed not being able to chat with one of our fave bartenders there, Tricia. But we were taken care of quite well at a table by two of our fave waitresses. Pictured above are Stacy, to the left, and Courtney. They took very good care of us and made sure that we had what we wanted.
We know Stacy from when she was dressed as a Parrot for the Halloween party of 2012 at Legends.
We will have more pictures on our PHOTOS page of Tricia, and her helper, and other pics from the evening.

As I said, I arrived a little after 5:00 P. M. And I said the bar was full. But I sat at a table waiting for any other Geezers until just before 6:00 P. M. The first to arrive was our good friend, and fellow Geezer, Mr. Lobber (Dick Laber). Then S. B. cam strolling in a few minutes later, followed by R. B. I was trying to save a table for whoever was going to be there which I didn't know at the time.
I was also trying to save a table behind us that we ended up not needing. Billy Bob came in later as he usually does after work, and we eventually found room for him on the table with the five of us.

Mr. Lobber (Dick) was given a surprise party at Tangier's restaurant on Dec2 by his nephew Scott, who is a doctor. Dick had donated one of his kidneys to his nephew 15 years ago, and this was Scott's celebration to Dick for that. However, the Geezers were almost all in Florida so we missed the party. I will post some pictures that were forwarded to me from that event shortly. That was quite a sacrifice. Good job Dick.

Not all of us ate from Legends excellent MENU, but those who did took advantage of the Special of 1/2 Appetizers until 7:00 PM. Legends also had 99 Cent Margaritas, and $2 domestic bottled beer. Quite a setting for Fat Tuesday. We also have a couple of pics of what we ordered on the PHOTOS page.

I brought my Digital Nikon camera, along with my new iPhone5 because the digital camera does take better pictures indoors in low light. Ever since I bought the iPhone I have been using the 8 Megapixel camera inside of it, but no matter what anyone tells you they just can't match up to the digital self-contained camera.

As far as I can remember this had to be one of the few times that we did NOT see a Celebrity Look-A-Like. There are not many times when we do not.

Next Wednesday, Feb 20, we will be at one of our new fave places, The Winking Lizard on Ghent Rd across from Summit Mall in Fairlawn. The Lizard will be moving farther west near RT 18 into a brand new building currently under construction. We will let you know when it happens. But until then we'll see you in it's normal spot.

THE WINKING LIZARD - Fairlawn, OH - February 20, 2013
Just when you think there is NO NEWS to report, there IS! Of course you've heard the expression "No News Is Good News"! Well, we would have had that if it wouldn't have been for what happened last Wednesday nite (2/20).

I really don't know where to begin here, but you probably were wondering what R. B. was doing on the picture of my (Joebo) iPhone5 to the left. Unfortunately, I was taken ill last Sunday evening (2/17). And I didn't feel any better on the following Monday morning (2/18).
I was sneezing, and congested with watering eyes. (Too much info?) I progressively felt worse during the week so I went to the doctor on Wednesday, 2/20, which of course was Geezers Nite Out at the Lizard. My sickness is nothing serious, but nonetheless, I was not feeling well enough to attend the Geezers function.

To begin with it was not a well attended meeting. Of course we have the two snowbirds, Spike, and Fergie down in Florida. S. B. could not attend due to the calling hours for his Father In Law. We extend our deepest sympathies to Him, Pam, and the family. Drumstir and the Candyman live pretty close to one another near Clinton, OH. So a wintry drive all the way out to Fairlawn was not on their radar screen. Besides that Drumstir was also out of commission due to a similar situation as J.Bo (ME).

So the turnout for this meeting was not up there with the best. R. B., and Billy Bob did make it. And if not for our good friend Krisko, making an appearance, I'm afraid it would have been an all time low.   
The previous lowest attendance, that I am aware of, was quite a few years ago when R. B., Bubba, and I were the only ones to make it to the old Scorchers on Waterloo in south Akron during a bitter winter storm. S. B. may lay claim to the time he was at a meeting by himself, however the fact was he was at the Wrong Place.
Speaking of Bubba, it just so happened that on this Wednesday nite of the meeting he sent me a text thinking I was there. I explained the situation to him, and he wished me well. He also said that on Sunday, 2/24, he was planning on driving to Akron from Atlanta. If all goes well he plans on attending the next Geezers Nite Out meeting on Wednesday, Feb 27 at Dusty's Landing Yacht Club.  

OK, Big Al, I don't want to keep you waiting any longer. The reason for the picture above with R. B. super imposed on an iPhone5 is that two of the group(?) who was at the Lizard have iPhones. Krisko has the same iPhone5 that I have and I think that Billy Bob has an iPhone4. I do know that the iPhone5 has a feature on the Phone App called Face Time where you can actually SEE another person who you call on their iPhone5. S. B. did it one time by accident after I had text him while he was driving to Legends for Fat Tuesday.
I received a call on my iPhone from Krisko. Immediately after it rang I could see my ugly face on the screen. Creeped me out! However, then the camera switched to R. B. I could see him, and the "group" could see me. However, we had a little trouble communicating. I could hear them though in the background. We found out later that you have to engage the Speaker on the phone which is also used for Voicemail. It was different!
I would like to think that they were concerned about me personally, about my health, since I rarely miss a meeting. But somehow I think that they were messin' with me! Oh yeah, Billy Bob had a hand in the proceedings. Thanks guys!
So I am messin' with them. Check out the pic of R. B. with his relic of a camera. It doesn't work that way, Pal!

Just when you think that I would have nothing else to say (Hoping?), I wanted to mention one more thing! Wednesday, February 20, was also the start of SBBM! (Sue Barto Birthday Month). Happy Birthday Month Sue! One of the biggest Browns Fans there is! GO BROWNS!

Hope to see everyone (Who's left) at Dusty's Wednesday, Feb 27.
DUSTY'S LANDING - YACHT CLUB - Portage Lakes - February 27, 2013
The Geezers Nite Out on Wednesday, 2/27, at Dusty's Yacht Club turned into a Pizza Party/Dart throwing contest.

This was a regularly scheduled meeting, but it became a little special when we found out that one of our long-lost Geezers who moved to Georgia, was back in town. Bubba (Jim) made a trip back up to Akron to fetch a pig. It's a long story, but he was here, and he stopped into Dusty's to see us. Well, maybe Karen, the bartender, too!

When Billy Bob (Mike) made his usual late entrance Karen made a big deal out of it. It was because there was another customer at the bar with the same moniker. The guys got a big kick out of that, because this guy's REAL name was Billy Bob!

The food for thought on this nite...PIZZA!

Karen usually prepares some food for her customers on the nites that she works, and there was a crock pot of something brewing in the back. However, she said, that since she saw the Geezers were meeting on this nite, she ordered a pizza as she does on occasion, especially for us. It was one of those monster pizzas with about 32 squares. Half of it was pepperoni, and the other sausage. It hit the spot and there was no better meal that we could have had. Thank You Karen.

Well, we couldn't just let it go at that. Dusty's has one of those computer dart boards. Somehow a challenge was made by either Drumstir or Karen, but they ended up playing a grudge match. We have a few photos of the happenings from the evening on our PHOTOS link. There was a lot of hooting and hollering coming from both contestants, but in the long run there was one winner. And it was......KAREN! Yes, they were playing for $5, but what she didn't realize was that was the tip that she was going to get anyway from him. Very smart bet by Drumstir.

S. B. (Dougie) surprised Karen by his weight loss (70 Pounds), but we wonder if he is coming off of the wagon. It was quite an accomplishment, and we salute him, but can he keep it up? We have photos of him eating the forbidden food.....PIZZA on our Photos link. Is he beginning to crack! We will keep you posted.

It was also voting night, which was News to our Entertainment Director, R. B., as he didn't have a ballot prepared! We have to give him a mulligan on this one because he is in the process of moving his entire departmen,t and all of their records and documents to the new Corporate Headquarters of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co from the location of E Market St for more than 100 years to the new complex on Martha Ave near the Innovation/Tech Center. (These facts may not be totally correct since the company has neglected to update their corporate web site.)
However, the vote was taken, and the results are now posted on the SCHEDULE page.  

On the Schedule you will find that next Wednesday, March 6, that we will be going to one of our fave meeting places, Legends Sports Pub & Grille in Green. Also on March 13, 4 days before St. Patty's Day, we will be meeting at The Tilted Kilt in No Canton, OH on 5075 Dressler Rd. That should be a very interesting night.
Hope to see you there, and at Legends next Wednesday.