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What happens In Vegas......
Two of the Geezers, Spike, and Joebo (Pictured from L-R) made a trip out to Las Vegas for the wedding of Joebo's sister Cathy at the Wynn Hotel Casino Wedding Chapel.

Of course while they were there they took in the sights. There were many changes made since the last time both of them were there. New casinos, and shopping complexes. However, while you gamble the drinks are still FREE! But you may end up paying a lot for them.
So you may ask did they Gamble? Did they Drink? The wedding went well, and it was mavelous!
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We were to meet at Dietz's Landing, and then move over to Dusty's Landing (Yacht Club). I got there late and went directly to Dusty's,
when I got there, Fergie and Spike were there also. 
Got a text from Drumstir. He was at Dietz's.S. B. was there also. They joined us at Dusty's.
R. B. and Billy Bob arrived later.

Pictured to the left is Karen, the bartender at Dusty's on Wednesdays. She also works on Tuesdays and Thursdays only.

It rained that afternoon around 2:30 PM, but it cleared up in the evening.

Karen ordered a pizza for her customers since The Geezers made an apperance that night. She ordered a "sheet" pizza which is supposed to give you more. However, she was taken aback when the delivery "girl' told Karen that one of the "gentlemen" at the bar bought it. She was not happy about it, but I'm sure pelased. The thing is Karen can't eat tomato sauce so she ordered a pannini sandwhich instead of having some of the pizza that the "mystery man" unwittinglly also bought with the order. She thought she knew who did it.

As everyone was eating pizza Karen was playing a grudge "dart match" with Drumstir. Naturally Karen won.

The Indians were on TV which the Geezers were watching, but it didn't matter because they were playing the Detroit Tigers.

Next Wednesday, August 14, we will be at The Galaxy in Wadsworth.
Most of you know that my sister, Cathy, was married on August 2 in Las Vegas, Nevada to Peter Terraccio from California.
And a lot of you met him when they were back in Akron in June for an Engagement Party at Rosemont Country Club back in June.

Spike and I (Joebo) traveled to Las Vegas for the wedding at the Wynn Hotel/Casino Wedding Chapel. It was a beautiful wedding and reception at the Tableau Restaurant inside the Wynn.

They then had an enjoyable honeymoon in Lake Tahoe.

But last Wednesday, August 14, Peter had corrective knee surgery. He had the left knee replaced, and the right knee scoped.
He is now home in Palm Desert, but in pain, which was expected.

Below is an article from a loco newspaper.

"Nobody loves me, but my Mother...And she could be jivin' too..."
-B. B. King
LEGENDS SPORTS PUB & GRILL - Green - August 21, 2013
The Geezers Nite Out at Legends was another unusual nite. Always happens there!

It started out as any other Wednesday nite. However, The Jerry (Jerry's Corner) stopped by to say Hi. He is not a regular, since he has other stops on Wednesdays.

Some customers like to pass the time playing the Keno game from the Ohio Lottery. We have tried it before from time to time, but we were never winners.

Jerry was watching the board as the winning numbers were shown, and mentioned to me that certain numbers were coming up almost every draw. Three of the numbers were my Birth Date, and 1 was that of our friend Krisko.    
We grabbed a card, and Jerry played the numbers on the "un-user" friendly Lottery machine. And we were amazed as a lot of the numbers that Jerry mentioned did come up. It happened a few times, and then we were done. But we did win all of $16. Eight dollars a piece. It might not seem like a lot, but it was a lot of fun and we were NOT LOSERS! Of course I am not going to tell you the numbers we played for obvious reasons.

I got a text from Drumstir. He was in San Francisco waiting for two seats to open up on a flight I assumed to Cleveland. I also assumed that his wife, Cindy, must have been with him. Later on I received another text that they had to wait for the next flight! We haven't heard from him since.

I had a burger to eat for a change. I ordered the Bulldog Burger. Tricia, pictured above, told me that it was the Winning Burger at the 2013 Akron Burger Festival.
Speaking of Tricia, she is #1 in the race for Best Bartender as of the writing of this article on the Beacons Best annual contest. You can vote until August 31. Go to, Register, and vote for Tricia under the Bartender category.
It was also a Family Affair for two of our Geezers. Both R. B. and Billy Bob had their sons, Paul and Scott, respectively stopped in for a visit. R. B. and Billy Bob used to live near each other years ago and the boys played on the same baseball team I believe. (If this isn't right I'm sure I will be corrected)

Next Wednesday, August 28, we will be at The Galaxy Patio Party in Wadsworth. The band starting at 8:00 PM will be Electric Mud. They will have Live Bands on the Patio thru September 18.
THE GALAXY PATIO PARTY - Wadsworth - August 28, 2013
Our last Geezers Nite Out in August was at The Galaxy Patio. According to the Galaxy's Schedule of Events the last Party on The Patio with a live band will be September 18 with the band Highway 61.

To the right are the Patio Crew from L-R Mike, Theresa, and Jesse. They treat us well. Either that or they feel sorry for us.
Darla, formerly of the Wednesday nite crew, stopped by to say Hi. She is still working at the Galaxy out on the patio bar, but not on Wednesdays.

The weather was windy and cloudy with a temp of 75 degrees.

The band for this nite was Electric Mud. They are a very good band and sounded great. Radio station WONE was there with popular DJ TK O'Grady. He was there from 7:00 until 8:00 when the band started.

We all ate dinner from the Sports Bar's fine Menu. We all enjoyed our meal with one exception. Drumstir ordered the Portobello Mushroom Salad. I have had it before and it was fine. It comes in half and Full sizes. Drumstir order the full size.
When his meal was delivered to him his first words were: "Where's the Mushrooms?" Sort of like that old Wendy's ad: "Where's the Beef?" I must admit that the salad was a little deprived of mushrooms. Drumstir got Mike's attention and politely explained the problem!
Mike immediately left for the kitchen. He returned shortly with a generous plate of Portobello rooms.
Case closed! For pictures of our meals and of the bartenders click on our PHOTOS link.

Another former Patio Party Crew member, Michelle, was also there this evening for her last day worked. Michelle will be leaving the Galaxy for a new winery on the Portage Lakes called Nauti Fine Winery on S. Main St. See a pic of her on our PHOTOS link.  

It was also voting nite for the meeting places that we will go to in the month of September. There was 3-way tie which necessitated an additional Tie Breaker vote. The votes have been tabulated, and the results will be posted on our SCHEDULE page shortly.
(August 2013)