A bad picture of the Birthday Boy, Swish (Juice) with his favorite "tomatoe juice" bottle. The flash was not working on the camera.Here is another pic of the B-Day Boy with Dougie who is chowing down on some food.Here are Karen and Big Daddy waiting for me to take the pic. Did you  take it? Yes.....but no flash!Big Daddy, again, preparing his drums for the big night. Dougie checking the PA. Check.....check.....check.....Here is one of our Two Groupies, Lucy. Seated is Hank, guitar,  preparing to play. Another pic of the B-Day Boy, Mr .Lobber, and R. B. (Garo) He has HAD the stache in this pic.A picture of a surprise visit by my Tax Accountant, Tammy, her Mom, and her group. However,  Tammy was not looking at the camera.Here is another pic of Tammy so that you can see her face. The back-up camera is on it's last legs. Sorry!And here we have the Dynamic Duo of Stan The Man (L), and Mr. Lobber. These guys have been friends for a long time, and we have known both of them for almost that long. Here we have Nikki (A/K/A Nury). She is a good friend of Karen's, and the Geezers. Also a terrific Karoake singer. She was mad that I took this pic when she had a mouth full of food!I blelieve this is R. C.'s granddaugther or some family relative with her dog. Here we have two of our loyal followers Linda, and Jed Derhammer. They were at the Phantom Band's performance at Wink's the Satruday before. Sorry for the camera foul-up! And here we have none other than one of the Deal Bros., Fergie. It is a long story. Drumstir is to his right!Speaking of Drumstir here is a shot of his wife, Cindy. The camera was not doing her any favors, but she still looks good. Drumstir was seated next to her, but he wouldn't look at the camera.
This page was last updated: June 1, 2010
Karen, the bartender at Dusty's Yacht Club books the entertainment, and  plans the parties there. The Phantom Band (Geezers Band/Karen's Band) began jamming there one night, and it turned into a regular gig. Karen decided to have a party to welcome in the warm weather. So together with the band May 19 was the date. Karen made a crock pot, and a roaster full of Sloppy Joe's. Others, including Swish, brought chips, potato salad or a side dish. We also were celebrating Swish' B-Day that night. His B-Day was May 18
It turned out to be a fun night with a good crowd. There were some surprises of former Goodyear Associates, and  friends of The Geezers showing up. And it was also the Geezers Nite Out for May at Dusty's. I forgot my good camera, and I had to use my back up. It was not cooperating very well as the flash was not always there when I needed it. Besides that I had to play in the band. But I did take a few pictures that you can see below in the Photo Gallery.  To read an article about the evening in more detail go to the Newsletter for May 2010.