Memories of

The GEEZERS have known Jerry for a long time, as friends, and former associates at the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co until they sold him to IBM. However, we remained in contact with our Geezer Nites Out, Poker games, Casinos, and golf.  Also some of the Geezers were musicians in a couple of bands which he would come and listen to now and then.

He even recruited a mixture of bands one time to play for his wife Sherry's gala birthday party. 
He enjoyed his stays in Florida, even at one point owning a trailer for a few months. Visits to Daytona were always on his schedule for the big race.
Jerry was easy to get along with and a very understanding person, except for one fallacy.     
In a state of thousands of Cleveland Browns fans he was a Pittsburgh Steelers fan.
Not only was Jerry a Steelers fan in enemy territory, but he was not bashful about showing his pride. Like the "One for the Thumb" statement he used to make when the Steelers won their 5th Super Bowl.Of course it was all in fun.

During normal times the Geezers meet at a different establishment every Wednesday. Jerry would surprise us from to time with visits. But he wasn't a regular. We always usually sit at the bar no matter how many of us are there, and he wasn't in favor of that because he would get stuck talking to only some of us. (That was Jerry)

As far as I knew Jerry really never complained much publicly after he became ill. He would post various articles about his Chemo days at Cleveland Clinic hoping for good results from tests that he had administered.
He even posted pictures that he took of all of the Network trailers, and vehicles along with the media people for the Presidential Debate that was held there.
Then after awhile we saw nothing. I wanted to get in touch with him somehow to find out how he was doing, but before I could someone told me last Monday, that he had passed away on March 6.

It was a shock to me, and also to the Geezers who I immediately contacted.
We want to wish his wife Sherry, his children, and the rest of his family our sincere condolences.  

I published tons of pictures that Jerry would send to me to the website. Go to the HOME Page and click on JERRY'S CORNER. There you will find a combination of his Florida trips with friends, and family functions. 
Below you will find a Photo Gallery of pictures not in that group.  CLICK ON THE PICS TO ENLARGE THEM.

8-4-1943  -  3-6-2021