Geezers Nite Out
July Thru December 2015
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Our bartender for the nite,
Rachel. She was so sweet, and took good care of us.Friends of the Geezers Pam and Ken Buehrle stopped by to say Hello.Another friend of the Geezers, Dianne also stopped by. She
lives nearby on Portage Lakes.
We know her from Dusty's Yacht Club.This is Dianne's steak dinner. 
A Special on Wednesdays at
Jerzzee's for something 
like $8.95. This was my (Joebo) choice
for dinner. A House Salad, and a bowl of French Onion Soup.
Tasted mighty good.I recomended the Turkey Club
Wrap to Fergie, and that is what he ordered along with 
waffle fries. He liked it, without mayonaise of course. I believe this was Billy Bob's 
meal. Nto sure what it was , but it was loaded with fries.My nitecap. A short cold Miller
Lite draft beer and a Jack on 
the Rocks. The pic on the 
lighter is Marilyn of course!
JUly 15, 2015 at the Winking Lizard with bartender  Mandy.
The Geezers were meeting
on this nite at the Firehouse
in Tallmadge, but I had to stay
in the area as my housekeeper
was there performing some
specail work on the new tile
floors that I had installed.This is Mandy, one of our fave
bartenders at the Lizard in 
Montrose. I wanted to share a Mudslide
with her, but she said this one
was all mine.This Mudslide by Mandy was 
the best one I ever had.
Drumstir took off with his wife
Cindy to spend some time in Vegas. 
The following are pictures that 
they texted me. Picture from their room.Pictrue from the This picture and the next were
taken from the pool area. 
They were staying at The Trop.Picof the Drumstir floating
aimlessly in the pool. There is an Italian reataurant 
off of The Strip in Vegas 
affectionately referred to as
The Hole In The Wall. It is 
called Battista's. This guy
in the picture with Cindy has
been there serenading people
for at least 100 years!
These are some pics that Krisko posted to her Facebook
page from her Annual trip to
the Jamboree in The Hills in
West Virginia.Krisko's friend Kay goes along for the ride. She is also a good 
friend of The Geezers. Fireworks on the last night!Krisko's Ex, Greg, and a friend, ready for
the ride back home.
This pic and the rest were taken at the Upper Deck in the Lakes on a Friday afternoon. 
Some of The Geezers have been playing golf on Fridays,
and then stop into the Deck
to cry in their beer. Some of the otehr Geezers 
came out to join us later on.Our Entertainment Director
R. B. taking in the nice weather at the Deck.This looks like a drink that one
of the Geezers who wasn't there ocassionally embibes!
This isn't him! (S. B.) It's Diane.
She's a good friedn of the Geezers who we met at Dusty's Yacht Club.
This is Ritch Underwood, a
popular local musician/singer
from the Kent area with his 
girlfriend Jan.WHAT HAPPENED?
this is also Rtich Underwood in
a VA Hospital near Cleveland.
He was on his feet the nigte before, and ended up in the 
hospital with a nagging leg
problem.Skip to the Next Picture!
YUCK! Pretty bad.However, it wasn't all bad. 
He ahd plenty to keep him
busy.....and he had a delicious menu 
to choose from during dinner where he belongs!
Cheryl Clatworthy never ceases to amaze me. Not 
only becasue of her talented
voice, but all of a sudden she
does soemthing unexpected,
and different.
This time she got married out
at beautiful Wingfoot Lake to her long time companion Dale.
CONGRATULATIONS you two!The following are some of the
pictures that Cheryl had posted to Facebook of the 
wonderful event.
This is Brittany. She was one of our bartenders at The Galaxy for the Patio Party that night. She did a good job of 
taking care of us as the patio
became very crowded as the
nite wore on.As I mentioned in the August 
5 Newsletter, Billy Bob, The
Drumstir, and Forester all ate the Sliders from the Happy Hour Menu.
I ordered the Shooting Star
burger. It was very good and
filling.I ordered the Shooting Star 
burger with Double Pickle. 
It was Da Bomb!This was S. B.'s signature 
Dirty Martini. He usually has 
one of these as his after dinner drink. And heeeeeere's Dougie sipping on his Dirty Martini 
with.....PINKIE UP!
The Geezers notoriously sit
at the bar during our weekly
It pays off when we meet at
Johnny J's. There are Free 
Fries for customers who sit
at the bar. Yes, we always
have Fries with that!
Another Special on Wednesdays nites at JJ's is
1/2 Price Appetizers until 7:00 PM whether you sit at the bar
or not. This was my choice.
A Shrimp Cocktail. R. B. ordered a Shrimp app 
also, but it was of the teeny 
tiny variety. 
It looked good. A Drink Special on Wednesdays is $3 Martinis. 
There is a large selection to
choose from. 
This happenes to be a Double
Dirty martini. We'll give you
one guess who ordered it.You are Correct Sir/Madam!
The Dirty Martini belonged to
none other than S. B.
It is his Signature drink.Some of the Geezers get a kick out of anytime the number "22" comes up. 
It stems from a movie by Albert
Brooks titled Lost In America
with Julie Hagerty. The
couple sell everything, buy a Mobile Home, and go to Vegas.
Hagerty loses their life's savings playing "22" on Roulette. See next pic.On this nite at JJ's my total bill
(Joebo), and S. B.'s bill both
began with "$22". You had to
be there.
Incidentally, Albert Brooks'
birthday is July "22", 1947. The Cleveland Indians were 
playing the New York Yankees
at Progressive Field on this nite. We were watching it on
one of the many TV's at JJ's.
Indians closer Cody Allen shut the Yanks down in the 9th.
The Indians won 2-1!Here is catcher Roberto Perez giving Allen a congratulatory
bear hug for his 23rd save.Danny Salazar had another
great pitching performance
for 7.1 innings giving up only 
4 hits, and 1 run with 8
Our Etnertainment Director, 
R. B., had no idea when he scheduled Dusty's Yacht Club
at the end of July what we 
would encounter when we 
showed up for our Aug 26 meeting. We walked right into
a Birthday Party!It was a Birthday Party for someone that we didn't know. 
However, bartender Karen 
told us to help ourselves to
all of the goodies that the 
recipient's husband provided 
for all of Dusty's customers.Here is Karen, one of the
bartenders at Dusty's, and one
of our faves. Here is one of the many baloons that adorned the front
room, and bar at Dusty's!From L-R are Geezers Spike,
S. B., and Fergie.Here is Fergie again with Drumstir. We were seated at
two tables that we put 
together, as the bar was filled
with revelers for the party that
we knew nothing about.NO NO NO! Here is the HAND of our friend Dianne who we
met at the old Harbor Inn many moons ago. 
She was not in the mood to have a picture taken.NO NO NO.....again! This is 
the HAND of bartender Karen
again. She let me take one pic,
but she doesn't like me to take
more than that. Here is S. B. logging in his 
calories after he went way
overbaord sampling one of 
each of the Birthday goodies!
Too bad iI didn't get a pic of
his plate!This is another one of our friends, Gayle, with her friend
Bonita. Gayle, and her husband Dewster go way back with the Geezers before
we were Geezers. This is a sign in the Men's Room at Dusty's. It goes way
back to Women's Lib in the 70's. I have the same sign in
my Guest Bath (In a larger
size) at home that I ordered off off  
I have no idea if there is an
identical one in the Ladies Room.This is posted under the sign.
I always wondered where it
came from. 
I could not locate Elizabeth Richter on Google or Wkipedia.Here is the Loving Couple. We
don't really know then, but
the husband told us that he called his wife and told her 
to bring the birthday decorations at home for someone else and to bring 
them when she came.
When she was done decorating he said HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Their are werid things that happen at Dusty's. But this is
There was a Peeping Tom 
looking in the window. But we
did not know his real name!In this picture the Birthday Girl
took the birthday hat off of her head, and put it on her posterior! Cool!In this picture the Birthday Girl
was doing an imitaion of Miley
Cyrus and she was trying to 
Twerk the customer playing 
the modern juke box. Here is bartender Karen and 
her second love the Dart Machine. During her breaks she likes to challenge customers such as Geezer
Drumstir.WHOOPS! Not YOU again Joebo. You just never know 
when the Candid Camera is 
watching you!Here is Karen indicating:
C'MON MAN!You can see my co-conspirator, Gayle, in the background posiitioning the Happy Birthday baloon behind
R. B.'s head. NO, it was not his B-Day, but it will be in a 
couple of weeks on Sept 12.
As usual we started the evening out with Free Bar
Fries. They're FREE if you sit
at the bar. Here is Spike getting ready to
dive into his order of Bar Fries.
Not to be confused with Bar
Flies. Gotta have ketchup on fries.
Isn't that one of those unwritten rules?Some "ole" friends just happened to end up at JJ's  on
the same nite. (NOT Thursday)
Here we have Debbie on the left, with Barb. they are part
of Barto's Gang. We couldn't have pictures posted here without having one of S. B. in his signature
pose with the little "pinkie' 
saluting.This is S. B.'s drink. It's a little different than his usual "Dirty" Martini. It contains the same
Bombay Sapphire minus the "dirty". He's now Mr. Clean.This was my 'clean" Martini. 
I just had to have ONE since they go for $3 each on Wednesdays.This is a perfect pair. A Jumbo
Shrimp Cocktail at Half Off, and a $3 Martini.And here is one of our fave 
bartedners, Alyssa. She was
working the floor Wednesday
so we didn't see much of her. 
But when we did I snapped
a photo. Here are the rest of the friends that just happened to be at the same place at the wrong time.
Debbie, S. B., and Sly all work or worked at Goodyear at one time, and Barb is the wife of a mutual friend of most of the Geezers.
Here is "Smokey"  Spike 
smoking his "Smokin'" cigar
at the Galaxy Patio Bar. This is a painintg that Krisko
found at a garge sale for about $5 that she gave me as 
a birthday gift. She knows that
Marilyn Monroe is a fave of
mine.Here we have from L-R 
Buddmann, and S. B.
I played in a band with both of
them and they both played the
bass guitar. 
Buddmann is visiting from Germany.This is the Dirty Martini that I
bought for Krisko to help her
celebrate her B-Day which 
was actually on Sep is Krisko sampling
the drink. She said it was OK.Here are a couple of my Birthday cards. We celebrated 
4 birthdays on this nite.Another of the birthday celebrants was there with 
two of her friends.  From 
L-R  are Bonita, Marilyn, and
Gayle. Gayle's birthday was
on Sep 11. (911)Here is Buddmann again with
our friend Dianne. During the summer months The
Galaxy has there Patio Parties out on the patio.
There are two bars located
out there, plenty of tables for
diners, and an area for Live Bands.
Before the bands begin they are introduced by DJ TK O'Grady from WONE. S.bS. B.,S Clean Martini. He was 
infamous for the "Dirty" variety
in the past. But he has come 
"Clean"!Here is S. B. sipping on his
"Clean" Martini.There they are again.
From L-R Marilyn, Bonita, and
Gaylester. This was my dinner for the nite. A tasty, filling, value 
pricey burger called the 
Shooting Star. Mine always has plenty of pickles!This is a great picture from 
L-R of S. B., Dianne, and 
Buddmann.And here are the love birds
Gaylester, and S. B.The Live Band for the nite 
was Echo Canyon.
They were very good. 
There will only be one more week with Live Bands on the 
The Geezers met at Dusty's
Yacht Club on Sep 16 to go 
out on Dianne's Pontoon Boat.
Buddmann was there with his 
trusty camera and took these
pictures. Thanks Dianne, and
Buddmann. Here is Dianne ready for the
Geezers to board.Fergie R. B., and S. B. taking in the sights. Bye Bye Dusty's!Captain Dianne flanked  by 
her mates Fergie, and R. B. This is not a picture of a 
desserted island. It happens 
to be an old log cabing that I
(Joebo) lived in for a few months thanks to Fergie. I believe he had something to
do with this picture being taken. Thanks Bud.In this picture Dianne looks as if she hss just seen the Creature From The Black Lagoon. Doo Doo Daaaaaa!Here are R. B. and Spike in a compromising situation. It 
looks like it was a little windy out there on the Lake.S. B. and Spike enjoying their
cigars while R. B rides shotgun.Not sure exactly what is going on here, but it looks like S. B.
is leaving the boat as darkness sets in at the end of the ride. Or he could be......
This, my friends, is what a person looks like after scoring
a Hole-In-One. 
Here is Dewster Hamilton holding the "famous" ball that found its way directly to the
cup from the tee. His next stop? Legends Sports Bar.This is a picture of a draft beer, and bourbon on the Rocks. 
There was nothing too special about this except the bourbon was an off brand that was half price, and I needed another picture to fill up this Photo Gallery.This is called a "Breakfast 
Burger". It is 1/4 burger with 
an egg on it. 
Fergie said that he just had to try it.Here he is chomping down on
that baby. 
When I asked him how it was
he said: "Where's the beef?" This was my (Joebo) healthy
wrap. It was the Turkey Club
Wrap with chips. (I didn't have Fries with that!) Here is the Pro Golfer, Dewster, hangin' with the Geezers, and recounting his fabulous accomplishment!
(We bought HIM a drink!)
S. B., and R. B. are with him.And here is our #1 bartender,
Tricia. We go back to 2005
with her, when we started
the website. My Birthday was actually on 
September 10th, but Fergie
wasn't around for one reason
or another back then. So he
brought me a B-Day card
with a couple of Instant Lottery tickets in it. Unfortunately I didn't win anything. Just my luck.Here is the card that Fergie got for me. It looks like a card that 
he should have given to S. B., but he is no longer the 
"Dancing Bear"!Very Funny!  But I'm not going to tell you exactly how many candles that I did have on my cake. (Cupcake)
Bartender Karen celebrated her Birthday on our Geezers
Nite out on October 21, 2015.
Here she is holding the Big
Cookie that Spike got her to
celebrate the Big Day.Karen placing her B-Day
Balloons and Flowers that 
Vicki got her behind the bar.Some of the customers at the bar enjoying the festivities.
Among them are Diane, Vicki, and her husband.Well, who is this? Yes, it's
Karen with a glowing necklace that one of her customers got for her.
 Here is Vicki placing a Birthday
Hat (Not a dunce cap) on Karen's head while everyone sang Happy Birthday to her. This is an early Christmas 
present that I (Joebo) gave to
S. B. at the party. It had nothing to do with the party for Karen.S. B. is amazed to find out it
was a Cowbell.  It goes back a long way. There was an SNL 
skit with Will Ferrell, and  
Christopher Walken when he 
demanded More Cowbell from
Will Ferrell.S. B. is a member of the Phantom Band and we were to play at a Halloween Party
on October 28 at Houston Hall.
Wewere to play one set with another band. The cowbell was for him to us then. However, he was sick, and couldn't be there. No Cowbell!S. B. with 'Pinkie" UP! This is 
his signature move near the 
end of the night.And here is Karen with her "Twin". Yes it was her B-Day too. And she was there.
We hope that they had a very
enjoyable time on this nite for
their B-Days!
(Forgot her sister's name)
We were at Dusty's yacht Club the eveing BEFORE Thanksgiving Eve. Dusty's was having a big Thanksgiving 
Eve Party, but we didn't want to be out amongst the amateurs which happens on 
New Year's Eve.
Here are Spike, R. B., and S. B.Speaking of S. B. here he is 
in his Signature Pose with 
"Pinkie Up"!This is The ForesteThis is The Forester also with
"Pinkie Up" drinking a pre 
B-Day drink that I bought him.
His big day was the next nite
on November 25, Thanksgiving Eve.
This is a part time employee of Dusty's cleaning off our table.
He was lsitening intentley to
our comversation and he came
back for more. He must have been bored.And here is S. B. with our bartedner Karen. they gave me a big hug for the camera. 
that's it! Nothing else to it! 
Honest!We usually see one person every Wednesday nite that we meet who looks like a Celebrity. On this nite we not  only saw a guy who not only looked like Santa Claus, but also "Big Daddy" who plays 
Santa during the holidays.
This picture and the next need a little explaining. There is an Amish fellow stops into Duasty's every now and then and sells swiss cheese, and balogna.links. Most of us usually buy from him. Here is 
R. B. displaying S. B.'s purchase. And here is S. B. sampling it?
Anyway is is very tasty.
Here we have "Big Daddy" Dan Minier sneaking in to The 
Tavern to surprise the Geezers. The surprise was
that all of the Geezers and anyone else were glued to the
TV's. Everyone was watching the 
Police car chase in L. A. 
reminiscient of the famous
O. J. White Bronco chase back in  1994.
Unfortunately the police were 
after a couple who killed 14 people in a shooting at a 
Christmas party.In the next two pictures thay had the perpetrators trapped
which ended up with both of
them being killed.
A very tragic sad happening.The police ended up ramming 
their car.And here are the Geezers 
checking out the TV reports.And here is Spike who I didn't get in the last picture. Big Daddy again embibing on 
the  Mudslide that I bought him.
He likes those.Here is Big Daddy again with Kelly, the bartender who made
the Mudslide from scratch.
She ahd never made oen before so she got out the ole book and whipped one up.
Big D said it was Goooood!Not to be outdone, Fergie was
sipping on something named 
after a man. That's a coincidence since Fergie's 
first name is John!The Tavern ahs great food. here is a pic of my burger
and onion rings. And here she is. Our Bartender of The Month for 
July of 2006.
One of our fave bartenders.Here is Sandy again after we
asked her to give us a pose
like she did when she was our
Bartender of The Month.It was Sandy's B-Day the next 
day, DEC 3. Bartender Kelly
returned after she left and 
brought in a few gag gifts for
sandy. One was a string 
shooter that Sandy immediately  shot Spike and I with.More String from Sandy!The sign out front at the new 
Springfield Tavern wishing 
Sandy a Happy Birthday!
This was my lunch at Hooley House on this day. My cleaning lady kicked me out so I stopped in my neighborhood 
sports bar for lunch.
I had some chores to run after
lunch, and then my next stop was at Legends for GNO.Tricia, who you will see in a minute, is our fave bartenders
at Legends. She told me to take this pic. Drumstir, who 
unfortunately has Diabetes, has been told by his Doctor to cut back. So this is what he ordered from the Kids Menu.
Seeing this posted on FB Krisko said that it looked good.    And here she is, Tricia. One 
of our fave bartenders not only at Legends. She was voted the #1 Bartender at 
the Beacon Journal's Best 
Contest last year. #2 this year.And here, ladies and germs, is
my cousin Rick. We call each 
other Schultz. Our Dad's were brothers, and that's what they called each other. So we are 
carrying on the tradition.
It was good to see him.This picture needs no intro.
It's our Geezer S. B. embibing
in his signature pose with Pinkie Up!