(December - 2012)
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THE WINKING LIZARD - Fairlawn, OH - December 5, 2012
Well, I am sort of lost for words to describe our last Geezers Nite Out at the Winking Lizard at 25 Ghent Rd in Fairlawn last Wednesday. It was definitely one of our best nights during the holidays so far if not right up there with the best of all time.

Pictured above are two of the bartenders who took good care of us on this evening. To the left is (Oh) Mandy, and Jesse. They also shared some of our cookies. More later on that. To see more pics from that night go to our PHOTOS link.

This is the first time that we have been to the Winking Lizard as a group. But according to one of the Geezers, Billy Bob, the Lizard has quite a history. The Original Winking Lizard opened in 1983 in Bedford Heights, OH. It was founded on solid operating principles that focused on food, service, and atmosphere.
There are now 14 restaurants. Click here to go to the Winking Lizard Website.

What they are modestly known for is their array of beers of the world. They have over 466 different kind of beers. There 107 bottled beers, and 27 or 28 draft beers.  One that is a fave of our Entertainment Director, R. B., is Kentucky Bourbon Ale. We all like it and it is hard to find in the Akron area on tap. It is best that way. A bottle will cost you $7. Only $4.50 on tap. Try it.

Most of us ordered a Pizza from Lizards fine Menu. Choose it from the Website above. Billy Bob had a burger and Spike had something from the menu also. But he did share the large pizza that we ordered. It was very good, and there is a photo of it on the PHOTOS link also.

A long time friend of ours, Krisko, stopped in to see us since she lives near that side of town. She has been a friend of the Geezers since she met one of our dear departed friends, Dan Powell. She brought a big tray of cookies.  Try as we might we couldn't eat them all even with giving some to the bartenders. Yes, there is a pic of those also on the PHOTOS link.

We had a great time at the Winking Lizard. We hope that we will be back there once each month for all of next year.

Next Wednesday, DEC 12, we will be meeting at LegendsSports Pub & Grille in Green. We are looking forward to seeing one of our fave bartenders, Tricia. Hope to see you there.
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LEGENDS SPORTS PUB & GRILLE - Green, Ohio - December 12, 2012
I had a busy weekend as I'm sure all of you had as we get closer and closer to Christmas. But I'm sure that is no excuse for Big Al who is a regular reader of our web site. Sorry Al! So here goes.

We met at one of our fave meeting places on Wednesday, DEC 12. As usual, we never know what is going to happen there. We can be in the the middle of a Class Reunion, a Lingerie Party, a Political Party, Halloween or Christmas party. I think this time there was some kind of party going on in the back room. They were playing (The game) Cornhole on the stage.

But the highlight of the night was the return of one of our long-lost Geezers, Kenny J. A year or so ago Kenny started taking flying lessons. He would report to us each week on how it was going. Then, at Jerzee's on RT 619 one night, he dropped a bombshell. He bought an airplane. that's right. Not one of those model planes on a wire, but the real thing.

Little by little Kenny started missing meetings, and then he abruptly quit coming. We feared the worst, and checked the obituaries, and accident reports to no avail.
And then on this night, Wednesday, December 12, at Legends none other than Kenny J came strolling in with Pilot's License in hand. It was good to see him. He became a real Pilot on 10/09/12. 

Pictured above is one of our fave bartenders at Legends, Tricia. We have known Tricia for quite some time. In fact she was one of our first Bartenders of The Month for DECEMBER 2005.

Also returning after a lengthy absence was the Candyman. He arrived back in town from his condo on Catawba island on the Big Lake the second week of November. But due to other obligations this was the second time he has been to a Geezers meeting, and the first time that I saw him since most of the Spring and Summer of this year. He was also visiting his grandson in the hospital. There are not many rooms available, Voigle said. They are full of kids with the Flu. V, will be heading to Florida on Christmas Eve.
Welcome back Candyman and Kenny J.

Our snowbirds are preparing to leave Ohio for the winter. Spike (Swish) will also be leaving Christmas Eve for Homosassa, Florida. Fergie said his goodbyes on this night, as he is going to be "busy as a bee" in his preparations to leave for Clearwater, Florida on December 27th. The Jerry "Jerry's Corner" has decided to tough it out in Ohio from now on as he sold his Florida get-away last year. (2011)

Where we were sitting at the bar there were two TV's that had basketball games on them. One was Ohio State and the other was the Cleveland Cavaliers. OSU was trouncing Savannah State, but the Cavs were having a tough time.
Tricia used to wear Cavs jerseys while she worked behind the bar when the Cavs were on TV. But now that they have new shirts to wear for bartenders and waitresses she can't wear them anymore. We were kidding Trish about it as the Cavs were winning. When she used to wear them the Cavs would lose. But the Cavs ended up losing so it didn't make any difference. However, Trish did say that she went to the Cleveland Browns game when they beat the Kansas City Chiefs. But...she just happened to be wearing Ohio State gear. So the word is still out on whether she is a jinx or not! (Kidding.)

Most of us ordered food from Legends' excellent MENU. Fergie went straight with the Burger and Fries. Billy Bob, who usually attends and eats later on due to work, had the famous Beef Au Juis or whatever they call it. Whatever, it is one BIG sandwich. 
Myself (Joebo), Kenny J., and the Big Buddha were trying to eat healthy. The first one to cheat was Kenny J who had the Gyro Salad with plenty of lamb meat. I was next with a Cobb Salad loaded with Chicken. But boy, it was good. The Big Buddha stuck with his program which has lost him "65" pounds! He had the, drum roll please, Veggie Plate! Wahoo!
If you want to see exactly what our salads looked like, and for more pics of Tricia and everything else that was going on go to our PHOTOS link.

One more thing, "Big Al", we did have a celebrity sighting. It was non other than the "Great" Lou Holtz. Or, it was someone who looked a heck of a lot like him!

Since this is a late posting, we will be meeting again (Tomorrow) DEC 19, at one of our fave new places, The Firehouse on Tallmadge Circle. Hope to see you all there.

If we don't see you have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

FIREHOUSE GRILL & PUB - Tallmadge Circle Location - December 19, 2012
Our Geezers Nite Out at the Firehouse was a Who's Who of Goodyear former and present associates, friends, and celebrity look-a-likes.

Most of the Geezers were or are employed by the tire maker. We saw Leigh Ann Sprouse and her husband. R. B., our entertainment Director bowls with her in the Goodyear Office League on Thursday nights at Akron Bowl.
I (Joebo) used to work with Leigh Ann in the same department at Goodyear.

There was also a group of ladies sitting together who are probably still at Goodyear. One of them, Linda, was in the purchasing department when I was there.
And Linda was also on the woman's softball team at Goodyear that I used to coach. I thought it was going to be an easy job, but those ladies play as hard, and want to win as much as the men. I also had an assistant coach who was a godsend. He was Sherm Taylor who's wife worked in the same department that I did. And...I also played on Sherm's men's softball team. He was a great coach, and human being.

If that wasn't enough R. B. said that a gentleman sitting next to Leigh Ann and her husband also worked at Goodyear.

We also had some friends there who we weren't expecting to see. A childhood friend, Tom Demali was there with his wife Linda. She also used to work in the same department as I did at Goodyear.

And the topper was that Big Al, himself, in person, was there with his wife Jo Ann, checking up on me to make sure that everything I write about here is factual! Al and his wife are friends of R. B. and his family who bowl and go on vacation every year together with other families  to Hilton Head every year. Big Al, as you may have read, is one of our most avid readers of these newsletters.

The lovely young ladies pictured above are three of our fave bartenders at the Firehouse. Pictured, from the left are Courtne (The Firehouse resident actress and local theater professional), Jamie, and Brittany (Courtne's sister.) For more photos go to the PHOTO link.

More often than not we usually see average people who resemble famous people. We call them our Celebrity Look-A-Likes. We usually see one or two, but on this night they just kept coming. We saw people who looked like Tim Tebow, Sean Connery (007), Michael McDonald, and Robert De Niro. Quite a lineup!

We had a great time on our last Nite Out before Christmas. Of course the Phantom Band will be playing at Just One More Bar & Grill in Gala Commons on Friday, December 21, for the Annual Goodyear Christmas Party.

Most of us ordered off of the Firehouse Menu. The menu you will see if you click on the Menu link is for the Willoughby Hills location, but the Tallmadge location has to be similar. It will give you an idea of the interesting items they have on the menu.

Speaking of interesting items, the Big Buddha, who has incidentally has lost 68 pounds, made an interesting choice. He had a (Full) Stuffed Pretzel. That's right, a whole won. I will have to say that it made the rest of us order responsibly.

Wednesday, December 26, (The day after Christmas) we will be meeting at Dusty's Landing Yacht Club on Portage Lakes. We hope to see you, but if we don't, have a:

                  MERRY CHRISTMAS

DUSTY'S LANDING YACHT CLUB - Portage Lakes - December 26, 2012
Needless to say the Geezers Nite Out at Dusty's on that fateful Wednesday Nite December 26 did not happen due to the Blizzard of 2012. They said on the local news that we already got more snow this winter than we did all last winter. Brace yourselves! Fasten your seats belts! It looks like we are due for a rough winter this yea!.

We want to wish everyone a Safe, Healthy, and Happy New Year!