(August 2011)
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Yes, it happened Again! The Geezers Nite Out for Wednesday, August 3, was held at one of our fave summer haunts, The Galaxy in Wadsworth.
If you read these newsletters you know that we have had our bouts with Rain out on the Patio. More often than not we end up inside at the Sports Bar which is also very comfortable, but not outdoors.
This night we had showers off and on through most of the early part of the evening. Since we sit at the main Patio bar we were not affected by the wet stuff. However, the servers for the tables were constantly busy trying to keep them dry. Whenever they had they were back came the rain.

Pictured above are Theresa on the left, and Darla, two of our bartenders for the evening. Also we nabbed Mike, the Manager, for a pic when he came out to check on things at the Patio bar. Mike is in the middle. Another bartender, Shauna, later joined the trio behind the bar. You can find a picture of Shauna on the Geezer Photos link along with others from the evening.
The Geezers there were Spike, J.Bo, the Big Boi, Drumstir, Billy Bob, and R. B. Big Daddy had indicated to R. B. that there was a 5% chance that he could stop by to say hello. However, the percentage went down greatly when he called me, and said that he couldn't make it after all However, what he did tell me is that he was offered a gig by Jen, the owner of Just One More, for the Phantom Band to play on Friday, August 26 for an End of The Summer party. It has since been confirmed and the Phantom Band will be back to Just One More from 5-9 that evening. Hope to see you there.
Most of the geezers ordered from the Patio, and Sports Bar Menu.  The Big Boi has been ordering the Caesar chicken Wrap lately. Drumstir thought that if the Big Boi liked it, it must be good since he is a food aficionado. Well Drumstir ordered it, but we heard about it the rest of the evening that he was there.  He said it was a little bitter. The Big Boi had no answer for his dilemma. R. B. ordered the Buffalo Chicken wrap, and he said that it was fine. It is just a matter of taste. but the Patio/Sports Bar food has been excellent every time that I have ordered from it.
Even though we were having intermittent showers early in the evening, the band called LaGrange ended up performing. Also TK O'Grady from WONE was there to introduce them. We have some pics of them on the Geezer Photos page, and also we will have a video on the MEDIA page of them doing La Grange that I took with my trusty Nikon digital camera.
Next Wednesday, August 10, we will be at The Brickhouse on Howe Ave in front of Target. We haven't been there for a while, and they do also have an outside patio. Hope to see you there.   
The Geezers Nite Out was back again to The Brickhouse on August 10th in Cuyahoga Falls on How Ave for the first time since March 30. The opening night for The House was Sunday June 27, 2010. The first time that we were ever there was on their opening week on June 30, 2010.
There were none of the bartenders who were there on that first nite, but the bartenders who were there, and took care of us most of the evening were Ashley (R), and Alayna pictured to the left.
The Geezers who were there were the Big Boi, J.Bo, Spike, Fergie, R. B., and Mr. Lobber. Billy Bob (Mike) was taking a job interview, and we wish him well.   
Drumstir lives in Canal Fulton, and he didn't feel like making the trek all the way up to the northside of Akron. We don't have any idea where Mr. Warmth is. Last time we heard he was in Alaska. Is it summer there too? The Jerry (Jerry's Corner) went all the way to Pittsburgh to see the Steelers practice for some ungodly reason. And the Candyman is still in hiding on Catawba Island up at the Big Lake (Eerie).
Everyone ate from The Bbrickouses' menu. I had, and highly recommend the Beefed Up Steak Salad. Spike, and Mr. Lobber had the Fish Dinner. R. B. got fooled ordering the Sloppy Joe. The surprise is that they bring you a bowl of ground beef and four pieces of white bread, and say "make your own"! Quite unique. Not sure what the Big Boi, and Fergie had.
But for dessert some of us has the liquid treats! Fergie had his standard Bombay Sapphire gin & tonic. The Big Boi had his signature Bombay Sapphire Martooni. And I had an "out of character" Jack on the Rocks. Fergie, the ole "Jackman", was impressed.
Our discussion for a portion of the evening involved the recent catastrophe on Wall St. We were all sharing horror stories that we experienced during the week. That is except for Fergie. He actually improved his position. I guess the old expression "them that have get" ran true in this instance. We also had a discussion of which party was responsible for this debacle. According to some people, it was Both!
However, not to worry people. It's all going to come out in the wash.
Go to the Geezer Photos page to see more pics from the evening.
Next Wednesday august 17th we will be at one of our fave meeting places The Basement on Waterloo Rd in south Akron. We are just hoping that one of our fave bartenders, Haley, will be there this time or else! Hope to see you all there.   
Some of the Geezers who were out for Geezers Nite Out on Wednesday evening, August 17th will be surprised to see a new picture of Haley taken on that nite at The Basement on Waterloo Rd in south Akron, Ohio.
That Wednesday nite was quite a nite. It all started at...The Basement. It had been voted in at the end of July and it was on the SCHEDULE.  We have changed the scheduled meeting place on the day of the meeting in the past, but when we did we put a change on the website, and sent out a memo advising the other Geezers of the change.
The Geezers who showed up at the Basement sometime before 5:00 P. M. this evening were Drumstir, J.Bo, Spike, and Fergie.  However, the Basement has been undergoing some improvements, and the bar was taped-up as it were a crime scene. Workers were installing new laminate and rails. The place was open but the bar was not. We usually always sit at the bar. So we had to switch to Plan B.
We decided, on the spot, to go to the (Ripper Owens) Tap House just down the street. We were hoping that the others would figure out where we were. It was a group decision. .

We called the Big Boi because he is usually there every week, and we know just about what time he will arrive. We also called Billy Bob because he left an email on the Geezersniteout email address that he was working in Solon, and if we changed locations to call him.
Other than that we were not sure who else had intentions of attending the meeting that nite if they don't attend every week. So those Geezers mentioned above went to the Tap House. When we first arrived Christi was behind the bar. She was later joined by Amy. There are two Amy's who work there so you'll just have to pick one to think about. We all ate from the House's fine menu, and then I (J.Bo) had to leave for a condo meeting. Spike was also going to have to leave early because he had a doctor's appointment on Thursday morning. What happened after that at the Tap House stayed at the Tap House.
But....the nite wasn't exactly over for me. While I was at a rather lengthy meeting for all condo owners where I live I received a cell phone call from one of the Geezers, Mr. Lobber, (I thought) who was not at the Tap House. Naturally I couldn't answer it, and I turned the phone off.   After the conclusion of the meeting I called Mr. Lobber, and he asked me where I was. So I gave him the story. Then he put Haley on the line. I guess the first time I received a call from him she was also on the other end of the line. After a brief conversation she put Mr. lobber back on the line. He and Mr. Warmth arrived at the Basement shortly after the other Geezers had left for the Tap House, and they just stayed there, and enjoyed the half-off price on the Philly sandwiches that they have on Wednesdays until 7:00 P. M.
I then proceeded to the Basement, and took some pictures. I had not taken any earlier at the Tap House. However, Mr. Warmth purchased a new cell phone, and he had Haley's cousin take pictures of both of them with her with the camera on board. Maybe he will share those with us. However, there are a couple more taken with my camera below.
So it was a very unusual, and harrowing experience Wednesday nite August 17. I do know that next Wednesday, August  24, we will be at The Galaxy in Wadsworth for the second time in August. Hope to see you there.   
MR. LOBBER, HAYLEY, and MR. WARMTH (L-R). Hayley was nice enough to come out from behind the bar to take pics with us as busy as she was.  And here is my (J.BO) Alfred Hitchcock moment along with HAYLEY, and MR. LOBBER. The pic was originally going to be taken with MR. WARMTH, but Mr. Lobber couldn't figure out how to work one of them thar new fangled digital cameras.!
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The Geezers Nite Out Wednesday, August 24 at The Galaxy Patio was close to being a wash out, but it held off until the tornado warnings hit later on in the evening. By then the Geezers were long gone, and hopefully those on the patio were too.
It had rained that morning, but it seemed to clear in the afternoon. However, it was rather windy. As the evening progressed the sun began to play hide and seek, and the wind started to show it's force.
That is when the cigar smokers (J.Bo & Big Boi) decided it would be "no cigars" this evening. The wind would have quickly burned them down.
However, the Geezer who were there managed to get in a full evening of entertainment without incident. Those Geezers were Spike, J.Bo, the Big Boi, R. B., and Billy Bob. Drumstir was on a short jaunt down to South America.
Our bartenders for the evening were Shauna, pictured, and Jesse. They were later on joined by  Theresa.
The musical entertainment was provided by Joe Moorhead. He sounded OK with his band, but I think the threatening  weather couldn't have been very encouraging to them. WONE 97.5 was there but without TK O'Grady.  
We all ate from the Galaxy's Sports Bar & Patio fine menu. Check it out. The Big Boi had the Galaxy Burger with the "Special Sauce" for a change! He ahd been hooked on the Caesar Chicken Wrap.
We usually see at least one Celebrity Look-A-Like every week wherever we go. This night was unreal. We saw customers who resembled Jack Nicklaus (When he was young), Panama Jack (With tha hat), and Henry Kissinger. The Kissinger guy was unbelievable. Sorry no pics. We also saw a guy who looked remarkably like one of our long lost friends in Bentenville, Arkansas, KV KV. Reall name Kevin McManus. He used to work with some of us at Goodyear. It was uncanny. Hello KV wherever you are.
As I said before we were able to stay at the Patio bar for the entire time that we were there. However, later on in the evening there were Tornado warnings/watches, and touch downs all over the state.
Next Wednesday, August 31 we will be at Hook Line & Drinkers on Portage Lakes next to The Harbor. They have made improvements to the patio bar, and they also have live entertainment. Hope to see you there.    
The last Geezers Nite Out in August, and of the summer was held Wednesday August 31, at Hook Line & Drinkers on the Portage Lakes. It is situated next to The Harbor. In fact some of the Geezers took the short walk next door to check things out. In fact we used to go to both places even when the Harbor was the main meeting place.
Our bartender at Hook Line was Jill, pictured to the left. Jill was very friendly and accommodating. She got a big kick out of our Geezers Nite Out thing. She was excited that we took her pic, and we are putting it on the website. Well here it is.
The Geezers there were the Big Boi, Spike, Drumstir, Fergie, J.Bo, R. B., and Billy Bob. Some of us ate from the HLD Menu. Check it out. It is a little pricey, but I don't think any more than The Brickouse in the Cuyahoga Falls. Fergie and I (J.Bo) had the Lakes Burger. It was excellent. The Big Boi had the Montego Bay Calamari! Ewww! Isn't that octopus?
Since it was the last Wednesday in August it was our nite to vote on the meeting places that we will be going to in the month of September. As happens more times than not, we ended up with a tie. So we had a re-vote for the three places that were tied. A vote was taken, but at that moment one of our "working" Geezers made an appearance. At first our Entertainment Director, R. B., was not going to have a re-vote, but since he had omitted a recently reopened place that the Phantom Band played at on August 26, Just One More, he added it to the ballot, and permitted the re-vote. The results have been tabulated, and they will be posted on the SCHEDULE page shortly.
Hook Line & Drinkers has made drastic improvements to their outside patio bar. They extended the bar into a "V" shape that accommodates more patrons with umbrellas for the sun covering every seat. Also, the bathroom adjacent to the bar is snow open for customers, who previous had to climb the steep stairs to use the one inside the main bar. I took some pics, some of which I will have published below and eventually on the GEEZER PHOTOS page.
Next Wednesday, September 7, we will be at a new place, which is what we always strive to do as often as possible. It has been in No Canton for a while, and I believe that the original is in Cleveland near Progressive Field. It is Paninis. They have some gigantic sandwiches on Italian bread with cole slaw and french fries piled on. We will be out at the unique Tiki Bar outside weather permitting. Hope to see you there. 
The next three pics are good views of the main bar on the patio. You can see the Geezers lined up under the umbrellas.In this picture you can see the Tiki Bar up above the patio bar.And here is the famous shark hanging near the water. Another picture of our bartender JILL. On a weekend druing the middle of summer there are about 3 or 4 bartedners behind the bar to handle the crowd arriving by boat for a drink, and a bite to eat.
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