(December 2011)
Stuff goin' on!
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This page was last updated: February 8, 2012
Not only is The Galaxy in Wadsworth one of our fave meeting places, but is was the first one in December for the Geezers Nite Out on Wednesday, 12/07

Wednesday night at the Galaxy during the winter is Ladies Night in the Sports Bar where we were. Radio station WONE is there with DJ TK O'Grady. It was getting crowded later on in the evening even if that there were more guys than ladies while we were there anyway.

Pictured to the left is Darla, one of our fave bartenders at the Galaxy. She works the bar in the Sports Bar, the Patio Bar, and the Banquet room as needed. On this nite she was in the banquet room for a Burger King party, but she came out to say Hi to the Geezers.
Our bartender for most of the evening was Jenny, but she was having nothing to do with pictures.
Theresa also came in to help Jenny out, and Michelle was also behind the bar for a short time.  
Two other bartenders/waitresses were there working the floor. Leslie, and Jesse stopped by to say hello, and to check out the set of prints that we gave them from the pictures that we took at the Halloween Party. Speaking of pictures go to the GEEZER PHOTOS link to see the ones that we took on this evening. 

We had a good turnout of Geezers which included the Big Boi, Spike, J. Bo, Fergie, Drumstir, Mr. Lobber, R. B., and Billy Bob. Spike's son, Rob, was also there celebrating a B-Day. I'm not sure which one, but he was no way in the Geezer category.  There is a pic of Rob with Darla also in the Geezer Photos link.

Most of the Geezers ordered from the Sports Bar/Patio Bar Menu. I had the Italian Turkey Club. The Big Boi couldn't resist the scrumptious juicy Galaxy Burger with the "Secret Sauce"! Shhhh! Mr. Lobber went the other way with the Fish 'N Chips. Just an example of some of the items on the menu.

We did see one celebrity look-a-like. It was a fellow who resembled the comedian who "never got any respect", Rodney Dangerfield.

We had a very good time at the Galaxy, and we recommend that you stop in on a Wednesday night in the future. Next Wednesday, December 14, we will be at one of our newest stops on the SCHEDULE, The Tilted Kilt in No Canton. It is getting closer to Christmas and I'm sure there will be a festive holiday atmosphere. Hope to see you all there. 
The  Post Office motto is "neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds." The Geezers on this night, Wednesday, DEC 14, in a way, were following this motto. 

The Geezers Nite Out was scheduled to meet at The Tilted Kilt, in No Canton, back at the end of November. It is approximately a 20 minute drive from my condo in south Akron. On this particular nite it took me one hour. After the Massillon Rd. exit of 77 South, it was a parking lot almost all of the way to the Belden Village exit.
Spike just made it through the accident before the traffic started to back up. The Candyman, and the Big Boi ran into the same mess. Billy Bob, and R. B. showed up after the roads were clear. But neither, snow nor rain nor heat nor traffic jams can keep the Geezers away.
Our bartenders for the nite were Dayna, Marcy, and Alayna. Dayna, and Marcy are pictured above left to right. This nite was one of the worst times not to have my camera with me. I have a Nikon digital camera that takes great photos. However, in my haste to make it down to No Canton I forgot it. However, just like the postmen, neither being cameraless can stop me from taking a picture. However, it was with my cell phone which is only 3G. D' OH! I think the girls still look good. If you want to see excellent pictures of Dayna, Marcy, and Alayna, and others from the Tilted Kilt taken on opening nite go to the GEEZER PHOTOS page. Look for the Tilted Kilt logo, and click on it to see the pictures in that particular Photo Gallery.

Like all sports bars the Tilted Kilt has enough TV's to go around. There was the horse racing channel on one of the TV's and for some reason everyone was rooting for their particular horse to win. Spike was rooting for one particular horse, and it won. Too bad there is no way that you can bet on a horse from your seat at the bar. Maybe one of these days. Incidentally, the favorite in the next race was Sugar Spike! Spike was amused by this but we sort of lost interest.

Yes, we lost interest in the horse racing because it was time to eat. The Kilt has a interesting if not unique Menu. I had the Ultimate Club Wrap w/ a spinach tortilla. The Big Boi surprised everyone by having the Fish & Chips. But maybe it's not so surprising considering we were in a Scottish/English sports pub. Spike had the Spicy Sausage sandwich. We were all pleased with our choices.

One of the mysteries in the world is what does a Scotsman wear under his kilt? There have been many theories, and some photos on the Internet, whether staged or not. But we were not really concerned with that. We were wondering what the Kilt girls were wearing under there? We assumed that they must have been wearing something that was part of the uniform. Finally I asked Dayna, and she told me. You'll have to ask one of the Geezers what she told us.  

We had a very good time at the Tilted Kilt even though most of us had a hard time getting there. When we first arrived there was a good crowd, but it was not like opening nite. Later on, as most of us starting to filter out, the place got pretty crowded. And this was on a Wednesday nite. I think that this place is going to be around for a long, long time.

Next Wednesday nite, DEC 21, we will not be meeting. Instead we will be meeting on Thursday nite, DEC 22, for the annual Goodyear Christmas party at Just One More Bar & Grill in Gala Commons off of RT 224 near Canton Rd. The Phantom Band will be playing. We hope to see you there.
From THE GEEZERS And Friends!
Our last Geezers Nite Out of 2011 was held Wednesday, DEC 28, at The Basement At The Lakes on 3420 Manchester Rd. This year we have been to The Basement on Waterloo Rd in Akron, and the newest Basement on Portage and Whipple in No Canton besides this one at the Lakes.

Our bartenders for the evening were Tina, pictured, and Todd (No picture).  They both took good care of us.

The Geezers were Candyman, J.Bo, the Big Boi, Drumstir, Billy Bob, and R. B. We were also visited by our former photog, Crazy Richie.

Most of us ordered the signature Wednesday special at The Basement(s), 1/2 price Phillies from 4-7.

We were first introduced to the Philly sandwiches at The Basement at 255 E. Waterloo Rd in Akron. It is a very popular item there. The Basement also has excellent wings, which upon request can be double grilled. I ended up getting a Build-A Burger. They have excellent burgers for a reasonable price, and you can have just about anything on it that you want.

The Basement at the Lakes has been remodeled, and it is very comfortable. There are plenty of flat screen HD TV's to view your favorite team, and they even have "personal" TV's at most of the tables. The building housed a number of businesses in the past. One was Chaboudy's Restaurant many, many years ago. A very popular place at the time. Chaboudy Plaza remains next door. It was a number of nightclubs after that, and one of the places The Oldies But Goodies Band, of which I was member, used to play music at.  

Speaking of the TV's December is College Bowl month. We were watching the Military Bowl between Toledo, and Air Force. Toledo ended up winning, but at one point it was tied 35-35.

It was also voting night for the meeting places for January of 2012. The results of that vote will be posted on the SCHEDULE link Shortly.

We all want to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR and a safe and healthy 2012.