(May 2015)

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MAY 5, 2015
Geezers Cinco De Mayo at The Galaxy in Wadsworth - May 5, 2015
Well, it was the first time this year that we were outside out on The Patio at The Galaxy. And they were celebrating Cinco De Mayo. It is celebrated in the U. S. for an excuse to party, and eat Mexican food. But there is also another reason. By the defeat of the French in Mexico, who were supplying the Confederate Army with supplies, it was the ultimate reason that the U.S., Union forces won the Civil War.
I am sure that you appreciated the history lesson, but go ahead, have another Margarita.

There was a threat of rain all day for this nite since it was early in the Spring. But there was never any hard rain that evening. As I recall there were sprinkles, but not hard enough to close the Patio Bar. However, it did become a little cool later in the evening. So cool in fact that they brought out the patio heaters.

The Galaxy had a Special Menu for Cinco De Mayo. There were Mexican appetizers and entrees. Some of us ordered the Queso Dip with Tortilla Chips. The popular selection from the Special menu was 3 Amigo's Tacos with Fish, Chicken or Beef or all three. it was a Build Your Own. Most of the Geezers ordered that. However, The Forester ordered something that I never heard of. called Mesquite Chicken Flautas or Mexican Egg Rolls. You can see pics of the food, our bartenders, and more by clicking on our PHOTOS page.

After some prodding by us The Galaxy decided to serve margaritas in addition to the Mexican food. They initially told us that Thursdays are margarita nites, and we were there on a Tuesday for Cinco De Mayo. After some consideration they decided to offer Margaritas after all. What were they thinking? But we got our drinks, and we were happy campers after all.

However, to the Galaxy's credit they did have 16 oz Corona Light Draft for $4.00, and 20 oz for $4.75. We figured that our good buddy, and Atlanta Geezer, Bubba, would have opted for the 20 oz-er.

We did see a Celebrity Look-A-Like. S. B. thought he saw a lovely young lady who closely resembled Heidi Klum.

After this nite we moved on to Ray's Place on 5/13/15 in Fairlawn on Ghent Rd. We will have pics, and a Newsletter from that encounter shortly.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015 we will be meeting at Legends in Green.  



MAY 13, 2015
Geezers Nite Out - Ray's Place - Ghent Rd - Fairlawn, OH
Sorry I am a little tardy with this write up, but I have had some water damage at my condo recently, and I have had a number of things to take care of.

Yes, The Geezers were back to Ray's Place in Fairlawn again. Their food is excellent, and they do have a large variety of imported draft beers.
It wasn't very crowded when most of the Geezers arrived about 6:21 PM. But later on when the Cleveland Indians game came on against the St Louis Cardinals, the best team in baseball at the time, it became pretty crowded.
The Indians were leading 2-0 in the second inning. Corey Kluber was pitching a no-hitter for 6 innings until former Indian, Jhonny Peralta got the only base hit of the game for the Cardinals in the 7th inning.
However, the highlight of the evening was that Kluber struck out 18 batters in 8 innings. Cody Allen got the save in the 9th and struck out 1 batter. The Tribe won 2-0.
Some people suggested that the Tribe should have let Kluber pitch the 9th inning because he had a chance to break the record of 20 strikeouts held by Roger Clemmens and Kerry Wood.
Manager Tito Francona was kicked out of the game, and bench coach Brad Mills made the decision to pull Kluber in the 9th, but sports pundits speculate that Francona was still pulling the strings .
However, Kluber tied the club record of 18 SO's set by Bob Feller in 1938 for a 9 inning game. And Kluber did it in 8. He also did not walk a batter. What a night!

As I said, Ray's does have great food. I ordered a Corned Beef sandwich piled high with corned beef, and a cup of their delicious Chili. It was very good with peppered brown mustard on the side.
S, B. enjoyed a Shrimp Stir Fry. It really looked good, and he raved about it.
Billy Bob loves the Meat Loaf Dinner. They pile the plate high with meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and gravy. But what is totally amazing is that, he's like Mikey, he eats it...ALL. And he is as skinny as a rail.
Pictures of our food, and from the evening (will be) on our PHOTOS page shortly.

Note: I also experienced a virus attack on my computer. My AVG Security handled it, but a lot of my photos were corrupted. I had to switch all of my records to another laptop. I downloaded the Homestead SiteBuilder there, and also downloaded pictures from my iPhone and Samsung Digital camera. So I hope to have these pics on the PHOTOS page soon.   

We were also kinda celebrating Spike (Swish's) B-Day. His actual birth date was May 18 but it was sort of in between two of our meeting dates so we sort of celebrated it a couple of times. I bought him a couple of $5 Ohio Instant Lottery tickets, and he won $20 on one of them. Everything he scraped of was a WINNER on that ticket. Congrats Spike!

The next meeting place we went to was Legends Sports Pub & Grille on May 20th. We will have pictures, and a Newsletter soon from that nite. I may catch up soon. HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! 
MAY 20, 2015
Geezers Nite Out - Legends Sports Pub & Grille - Green
When a few of us who first arrived that nite we found Kristi, who we know from the former Grille on Waterloo/Tap House behind the bar. The former Grille has changed owners and is now the Paramount. Kristi is now working days at Legends thru the week except for Friday when she we will be back on Waterloo Rd. It was good, and surprising to see her at Legends.

The food Special at Legends was 1/2 off of Appetizers. The Featured Liquor was Four Roses Bourbon that I remember as a kid. (My Dad drank it)
In addition there was a $1 off of any drink made with that Four Roses bourbon during the month of May. The featured Martini was Carribean Blue. S. B. did not try one fo those on this nite.

Most of us ordered the Chicken Strips from the Appetizer menu. They were available Fried or Broiled. S. B.and I ordered the broiled variety. Legends has a new Menu. The Forester tried a new item called the Italian Sausage Bread Bowl. He said that he will not try it again. But there are plenty of other items on the menu to choose from.

The Cleveland Cavs playoff game with the Atlanta Hawks came on TV at 8:30. We watched the first half there before we left. I listened to the rest of it on the radio until I arrived at home. Oh yeah, the Cavs Won.

Pictures from this Wednesday night are on our PHOTOS Page.

We went to the Hooley House Sports Bar in Montrose on the following Wednesday, May 27. A Newsletter and pics from that nite will appear on this page soon. 
MAY 27, 2015
Geezers Nite Out - Hooley House Sports Pub & Grille - Montrose
We ended up going to Hooley's on the Wednesday after the Cleveland's Cavs blowout  of the Atlanta Hawks 118-88 Tuesday nite for the Eastern Conference Championship. Needless to say the crowd on this nite was a little sparse.

However, it was business as usual. Our bartenders for the nite were Casie, and Lauren. They took good care of us making sure that we had our drinks, and food the time that we were there. We appreciated them. There are pictures of them, and others on our PHOTOS page. 

Unlike the Cavs game that was on the nite before, we had the option of watching the hockey game between the Anaheim Ducks and Chicago Blackhawks. We didn't really care about that too much. The Hawks won Game 6 5-2. Yippee!

Even though our Entertainment Director, R. B., was in Hilton Head, vacationing with his family, we voted for our meeting places for June. R. B. voted early, before he left for vacation, but he did leave the ballot for the rest of the Geezers to vote. There was a four way tie for one meeting location, and R. B. had to be texted in Hilton Head for his vote, but he texted me back to vote for him. So it was no problem as one of the locations in the tie, was the one he originally voted for before he left for vacation. And it just happened to be for Hooley House where we were holding the vote.
The results will be posted on our SCHEDULE page

And the results say that we will be meeting, Wednesday, June 3,  at The Galaxy for our second visit to the Patio Party this year.