(OCTOBER  2015)

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Look who I found!
They say that things happen for a reason. I'm believing this more and more every day.

Everyone knows what the month of October brings. Cooler weather and Halloween. I now reside in Montrose, but I made a trip on this Friday to Akron Design and Costume Shop on Manchester Rd in Portages Lakes to look around and for a particular item.

This store is directly across the street from a popular local restaurant/bar called The Basement.  There are a number of these places around the area. After I left the costume shop I crossed the
road to go to the Basement.
I walked in, and it was actually crowded at the bar. But I did happen to find a seat. And as I was moving the chair to sit down one the bartenders approached me, and to my surprise it was Haley. Haley Kail.I along with the Geezers know her from the Basement on Waterloo Rd in Akron, and the Basement in No Canton. 

It was nice to see her. She may be working other days or nights but she did tell me that she is working Wednesday, and Friday days till about 6:00 PM. And also Thursday evenings. We lost track of her for awhile. So the Geezers will have to find a way to work The Basement on Manchester Rd into one our meetings  

I had a couple of beers while I was there, but the real reason I stopped in was to order a dozen wings To Go. They have the best double grilled wings.
OCTOBER 7, 2015
Geezers Nite Out - Firehouse Grille & Pub - Tallmadge Circle
This version of the Geezers Nite Out was not our usual one. When I arrived around 4:45 Spike and Fergie were already there. Since I moved out west to Montrose I don't usually attend the meetings at the Firehouse unless I am in the area. In this case I was at Chapel Hill Mall to look around at the Halloween Store that they have there every year.

When I joined Spike and Fergie I was surprised to hear that R. B. had already been there and left. It seems that one night as he was heading home a deer broadsided his car. From what I was told the deer was all over the car and made quite a mess. His car was, as of last Wednesday, in the shop, and he and his wife, Brenda, only had one car, and it just so happened that she needed it the evening of the Geezers meeting. So he had to leave early. Very early.
As it turned out I was there, but R. B. wasn't. At the Firehouse it is usually the other way around.

For awhile it was just Spike, Fergie, S. B., and myself, (J.Bo). Billy Bob showed up at 7:00 PM. Some of the guys were going down to Cincinnati for their annual trip. It goes way back to when the group used to go down to Columbus,during football season, but never go to the Ohio State games. Since R. B.'s car was out of commission their plans for Wednesday night changed their plans somewhat.

There was not much else going on during this meeting. Not a big turnout either. We all ordered dinner from the Firehouse Menu, which features the $1 Burger, and on Wednesdays drinks are half price until 9:00 PM.

Next Wednesday, October 14 we will be meeting at Johnny J's Pub & Grille in Springfield, OH.     . 

OCTOBER 21, 2015
Geezers Nite Out - Dusty's Yacht Club - Portage Lakes
It seems that we always pick a good time to visit Dusty's Yacht Club for our Geezers Nites Out. On August 26, there was a big birthday celebration for someone who we didn't even know. However, we enjoyed all of the food that was set out to celebrate it.

On this nite, Oct 21, it was bartender Karen's B-Day. Karen was thrilled that we were there fo a Geezers Nite Out to celebrate her special day. However, it turned out to be a lucky break. The Geezers Band (The Phantom Band) were to play for a Halloween Party at the Houston Pub on October 28. If it were not for that we would have met on that date. I noticed this and alerted the others. We ended up giving Karen a card that I purchased with two $5 Instant Lottery tickets in it that all of the Geezers that were there all signed.

It was a great party, and customers kept bringing in covered dishes during the entire time that we were there.

The most astonishing thing about this was that Karen has a twin sister.  So it was also her twin sister's birthday, and she was there. There is a picture of both of them together plus others from the evening on our PHOTOS page.
At the beginning in 2005 The mantra of the Geezers Nite Out Club was to meet at various restaurant/bars for the first time and report on what we thought of our experiences.

We are now at the end of our 10th year being known as Geezers Nite Out. We began a website in order to post a Schedule of where we were to meet during the Current month. We would then vote on the last meeting day of that month on when we would go during the following month.
As time wore on we were running out of new places to go to in the immediate area. When a new place opened close by, that we thought we would be interested in, we would add it to our voting ballot and usually at least try it out.

Sometimes we would send an advance team in to see if it was worth going there. I happened to see a new bar/restaurant next to the Dillard's outside Summit Mall adjacent to Ghent Rd.
It is called BJ's Brewhouse & Restaurant. On Monday, October 26, it opened. Crazy Richie and I (Joebo) went to check it out. 

Below is the report:
    This is a brand spankin' new place. It was constructed in the new restaurant environment. It looks rich, but not gaudy.
    When you walk in the restaurant is to your right with plenty of seating. The bar is located in an elevated area to the left. It is not a long bar, but adequate. There are also booths, and pub tables available for dining.
    Behind the bar is a huge wall of lighted glass with multi colored bottles of alcohol, They are just for decoration. I did take a pic that you can see below.
    This is a Brewhouse. They make their own beer on tap. But they do have regular domestic beer in bottles, and I was able to order a Guinness. Of course they have all of your normal liquor.
    The Menu is unique. They have a number of meals as opposed to sandwiches, and they do not have Wraps.
    Their Happy Hour is from 3-5. There is a print out of what it all entails in the Thumbs below.

    The Geezers will be there Wednesday night, November 4th for the Final Approval.
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