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Geezers Nite Out - Johnny J's Pub & Grille - Springfield
The Geezers usually don't see many people that we know when we go out for our meetings. We see people who look like celebrities, but we don't usually run into people that we know.
However, on this night it was different. Most of the Geezers either worked or work at Goodyear. We have a lot of friends there. It just so happened that two separate groups of former or current associates decided to go to JJ's on this nite. And we just happened to be sitting near each other.

The Geezers usually sit at the bar. Free Fries at JJ's for people who do. JJ's is a unique place They have a bar in the round with a bank of TV's and coolers in the middle of it. On each side they have a table that is connected to the bar.That's where most of the Geezers were sitting that was considered part of the bar. The Geezers were Fergie, J.Bo, Spike, S. B., and R. B.

To the left of us at the bar were Debbie and Barb. We know Debbie from Goodyear, and Barb is the wife of a mutual friend who did not work at Goodyear.

To the left of them were Sly, and Al. Both Goodyear associates.  We all know each other, but we never planned on meeting like this. LOL!

Go to our PHOTOS page to see photos from the evening.

Next Wednesday, September 9 we will be meeting at one of our fave summer meeting place, The Galaxy Patio party in Wadsorth.


There are a number of Geezers, and friends who have birthdays in the month of September. That is not so unusual in itself, but the birth dates of four of them are. 

Joebo starts is off with Thursday Sep 10, our friend Gaylester was on Friday Sep 11, R. B.'s was Saturday Sep 12, and our friend Krisko's was on Sunday Sep 13. That's right, 10, 11, 12, & 13. We celebrated them all at the Galaxy Patio Party on Wednesday Sep 9. Pictures from that nite will be posted soon on our PHOTOS page shortly..

And there are many more to come before the month is over. Go to our BIRTHDAYS page to see the ones celebrated before these, and the ones to come after these four.

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From L-R are R. B., Joebo, and
Krisko celebrating their Birthdays  together at the
Winking Lizard in 2014This is Gaylester on the Left
with her friend Bonita. As we
said above all four celebrated
their birthdays at The Galaxy
last Wednesday 9/10/15.
SEPTEMBER 30, 2015
Geezers Nite Out - Legends Sports Pub & Grille - Green
The nite started out as any other Geezers Nite Out. QuieT and laid back. But as you probably know if you read our Newsletters unusual things end up happening to us when we meet at Legends.

The only thing that was unusual this evening was that the Cleveland Indians were palying a day night doubleheader to make up for a rain out the nite before. Until this double header the Indians were still not eliminated from the Wild Card race. After the Division Leaders in each league are named there are 2 teams in each league that can qualify for the playoffs. The Indians were 4.5 games off of the leaders, but they now have two chances to make it. Slim, and None, and Slim left town. No "Talkin' Tribe" again this year.

However, that was not the the highlight of the evening. One of our good friends, Dewster Hamilton was golfing at a golf course in Clinton, OH called Spring Hills. He posted on Facebook that he just shot a Hole -In _one on the 17th Hole. If you are golfer you know that it was quite an achievement. Dewster also ended up with a very good round. I think he said something like an "81"! If that's true then we want to congratulate him on a once in a lifetime event.

And if that wasn't enough he showed up at Legends to see the Geezers, his wife Gayle, and friends. It was good to see and congratulate him. Needless to say he was in a very good mood. One of the most unusual unwritten golf rules is that the person who scores the hole in one is supposed to buy drinks for everyone. However, he said that it ended up working in reverse at the golf course. And we (I) bought him one for a nightcap.

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