(AUGUST  2015)

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AUGUST 5, 2015
Geezers Nite Out - Galaxy Patio Party - Wadsworth RT 94
It was a warm, windy, cloudy evening. It was forecast to be partly sunny. But the way it turned out it was what the weather history on the Geezers Nite Out website called it as "scattered clouds." But the main thing was there was 0 precipitation.

Our bartenders at the Patio bar were Becca, and Brittany. Even though we normally only meet at the Galaxy once a month they treat us as though we are "old" friends! And they do take good care of us.

Our good friend TK O' Grady was there with radio station WONE. And the band for the nite was The Fabulous Voices. They were a very good band with fabulous voices, but who also played some not too shabby instrumental accompaniment. They played some very good sounding "oldies" cover songs. Listen to some of It's So Easy, a Buddy Holly song also recorded by Linda Rodnstadt on our MEDIA page.

The Galaxy has an excellent MENU for the Sports Bar/Patio Party. But what has become popular with the Geezers has been the Happy Hour Menu. On this nite Drumstir, The Forester, and Billy Bob all ordered the Sliders off of it. However, the Galaxy chefs put their "secret sauce", usually reserved for the Galaxy Burger, also on the sliders. Drumstir was not too happy with that, but he ate them anyway.
As a "mayonnaise hater" myself I agree that the person taking the order should have asked what he wanted on the sandwiches.

S. B. had his fave Caesar Chicken Wrap, and I had the Shooting Star Burger with "double pickle". It is  a reasonably priced, filling burger.

We were watching a Cleveland Indians game against the Los Angeles Angels on the TV's located around the inside of the patio bar. The game started at 3:30 on STO, but was an afternoon game in California. The Indians were winning 3-1 late in the game, but they lost it in the bottom of the 9th inning 4-3 on a passed ball by Tribe closer Cody Allen.

There will be some pictures from the evening posted on our PHOTOS page including S. B.'s "pinkie"!

Next Wednesday, August 12, we will be at Johnny J's Pub & Grille in Springfield.
AUGUST 12, 2015
Geezers Nite Out - Johnny J's Pub & Grille - Springfield, OH
I (Joebo), Spike, and R. B. were the first to arrive. We were sitting at the bar . The bartender asked us if we wanted orders of fries, since fries are Free if you sit at the bar. We said "yes"! Just then one of the waitresses came by holding fries on a tray, and asked us if we wanted some. We said "Yes"! A couple of minutes later S. B. arrived. They also asked him if he wanted fries, and he said "Yes"!
So we ended up having 5 or 6 orders of Free Fries for the four of us.
Go to our PHOTOS page for pics.

It was very crowded on this Wednesday nite for some reason. But Free Fries at the bar, 1/2 off Apps, and $3 Martinis could have had something to do with it. It's quite a draw.

We were watching a Cleveland Indians game on one of the many TV's that JJ's has. They were playing the dreaded New York Yankees at Progressive Field. The Indians ended up winning 2-1 with Salazar pitching another good game, and closer Cody Allen shutting the Yankees down in the 9th inning. Go to the PHOTOS page to see run down of the game. 

The next meeting will be on August 19, 2015 at The Firehouse on Tallmadge Circle.
AUGUST 26, 2015
Geezers Nite Out - Dusty's Yacht Club - Springfield, OH
The Geezers walked into the middle of a Birthday Party at Dusty's on this evening. We didn't know the person who was celebrating the event, but they had plenty of decorations, and food, and a good time was had by all. Go to our PHOTOS page to see pictures of the happenings.

It was also voting nite for the places that we will be meeting for the month of September 2015. There was a tie, and a re-vote, but the votes have been tabulated and the results posted on the SCHEDULE page.

We are also planning an evening cruise on the Lake on a Pontoon Boat provided by our good friend Dianne (The Tax Lady), this Tuesday September 1. We will board at 5:30 PM on the Upper Deck shore line.

Then on Wednesday, September 2 we will have one of our regular weekly meetings at Johnny J's Pub & Grille in Springfield.